Son of Kakashi
18 Sasuke Wins
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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18 Sasuke Wins

As soon as the voice sounded out, both Sasuke and Yoroi dashed towards the centre of the stage, ready to attack.

Sasuke, who only could use physical attacks, due to the restriction of the cursed seal, was having it tough at the moment. Yoroi, not only started using E-rank techniques but also, was using concealed weapons to dismay Sasuke.


Sasuke flew into one of the pillars, and blood oozed out from his mouth. Not only was he badly injured, but the control over the seal was also weakening.

"Sasuke, do you not want to fight me? Do you not want to fight your brother? Do you not want to take revenge for your clan? Are you giving up?" yelled Reo.

Reo truly felt pity for Sasuke, he not only has been facing troubles after troubles, but the setbacks he faced was quite a handful. He did not want Sasuke to lose his path, as he felt that Sasuke might be related to him, given how both of them shared Sharingan.

Sasuke looked over at Reo and contemplated for a moment. Not only his enemy could use chakra techniques, but also had a special ability to absorb chakra, making it very difficult for Sasuke to fight him head-on.

Just as he was thinking an idea popped into his mind.

While battling with the enemies in the forest, a team had come to attack them, and Rock Lee helped them out during that time. He had also activated the second level of Sharingan, hence, was able to pick up and copy Lee's taijutsu at that moment.

'It seems I have to strain my body this time. Hopefully, it works.'

Sasuke activated his Sharingan, and the seal on his neck responded at the same moment.

'Damn! I have to close it somehow... or I won't be able to kill that bastard. Ah...'

"Let me end this, Sasuke." commented Yoroi beside him, and launched his final attack.

Yoroi's hand had blue chakra coating present over his hand. He grabbed onto Sasuke's head and trashed him over the floor.

"Kiddo, give up before it's too late." suggested Yoroi but his actions were too ruthless.



Kakashi and Sakura along with Reo and others yelled out to Sasuke but just before anyone could take an action, a voice sounded out.

"I won't be beaten by some idiot! Ah..."

Sasuke activated his Sharingan, overpowering the seal powers. He used his knee to attack over on the hand Yoroi used to grab him. A bone breaking sound resounded, and everyone could sense that Yoroi's hand had been broken.

But Sasuke's wrath was not over yet. He flipped upwards and threw Yoroi up in the air. As Yoroi was in mid-air, Sasuke, appeared beside him like a shadow and gave a spinning kick right to his gut.

"Ah..." yelled Yoroi from the pain he felt from his body.

Sasuke did not seem satisfied with just that. He forced his body, to dash towards the falling Yoroi and gave him a somersault round spin kick over his stomach.

Both came down thrashing into the rock hard ground. Sasuke landed much better than Yoroi, but nonetheless, his body's capacity was reached.

Yoroi on the other hand, had blood pouring out from both of his legs, and hands. He fainted from the excruciating pain.

Everyone present in the stadium was surprised with the sudden turn of events. Especially, two people in the crowd were totally shocked. They were Kakashi and Orochimaru who saw cursed seal being overpowered by the sheer will and determination shown by Sasuke.

"Interesting... I knew I had picked my perfect inheritor." hissed Orochimaru hidden as a teacher from Hidden Sound Village.

Kakashi was surprised but nonetheless happy and proud of the battle his student had shown.

"Nice Sasuke!" he whispered as he appeared beside Sasuke in an instant.

"Yeah, if you ignore all the beating I took, they could call it nice." complained Sasuke.

"Ha-ha brat, come let's get you treated. Oh... before that..." said Kakashi while facing toward Hayate who seemed to be stunned, like the crowd, to respond to the situation.

Seeing Kakashi looking over at him, he recovered and announced, "Match 1: Sasuke Wins!"

"Match 2: Hatake Reo, Hidden Leaf versus Kankuro, Hidden Sound! The battle will be up in 10 minutes."

Kakashi sighed. Looking at which, Sasuke beside him spoke out, "I don't think you should be worried about Reo. He should be a good match for that Sand guy."

"You are wrong. I am worried, not for Reo, but for that Kankuro guy."


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