Son of Kakashi
15 Hanabi“s Worry
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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15 Hanabi“s Worry

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... .. ...

"Snake Glare!"

Orochimaru, without wasting anymore time, started attacking on the spot.

Two snakes, one white and one black, crawled out from his sleeves, are coiled over his body.

In a matter of moments, the snake started attacking the Anbu, engaging half of the squad.

Kakashi, feeling the dire situation at hand, starts attacking him.

"Flame Bullet!"

Kakashi shot out a burst of fire bullets in the direction of Orochimaru.

Seeing the incoming attack, Orochimaru smiled as he countered it with his.

"Water Wave!"

A tide of water surged under his feet as it submerged the incoming shots of fire.

"Land Slide!"

Orochimaru, not stopping at the scene, let out another one of his techniques. The floor seemed to shake as there was a split formed in between the pavement.

The remaining half squad of Anbu members tried to stop the intensity of the land slide.

Kakashi was left all alone, to face off against Orochimaru. Seeing Reo behind him, Kakashi felt tremendous pressure on his back. He was confident enough that he could survive from Orochimaru, but it was a different task altogether, if he wanted both, Reo and himself to survive Orochimaru's attack.

Kakashi took a deep breath and pulled out a saber.

Within the next moment, lightning could be seen forming over the edges of the saber and soon, it was completely wrapped up with sparkling thunder.

Orochimaru let out an evil grin, but just as he was about to cast his jutsu, he was interrupted.

"Orochimaru, hold your horse."

A voice echoed out in the night. It was powerful and overbearing, enough so that Orochimaru was stopped all at once.

"Never expected you to come so early." whispered Orochimaru.

He then, faced Reo and Kakashi, where Kakashi was standing with a lightning saber sparkling in his hand, and said, "You both are really lucky. I do not wish to fight against Sarutobi Sensei... at least not now."

He turned back and escaped into the split he caused earlier.

Sarutobi Hiruzen, 3rd Hokage, arrived right after Orochimaru left.

Looking over the destruction caused by the battle, he was surprised.

"Never would have I thought, that only in a few minutes, so much damage would be caused." sighed 3rd Hokage.

He, then looked over at Reo and Kakashi, and said, "Thanks for holding him, or else who knows how much more damage would be caused."

... .. ...

At Kakashi's House

Reo already had his dinner, and so did Kakashi. He too, like Yugao, had invited his team on a dinner party, celebrating on qualifying through the second phase.

"So you had fun today? Not only battling against him in the forest, but also out on the streets at night. Just what did you do to piss that guy off?" questioned Kakashi in a displeased tone.

Reo knew that the his tone just meant how much dangerous situation has he created for himself. His dad, like any other, was definitely worried and demanded a reason for so.

He shrugged as he said, "First of all, let me tell you that it is not my fault. It all started..."

And soon, Kakashi learned of their encounter in the forest when Orochimaru had attacked his team.

At that time, if not for Reo and Hanabi coming out for help, Sasuke would be done for.

Next, was the moment, when he sent the Hidden Sound Village team, to ambush Reo, but they failed to so.

So anyone, not to mention a strong-head like Orochimaru, would try to understand more of Reo.

He sighed as he said, "It looks like the prelims tomorrow is going to be a difficult task. You, go to bed, and rest. You should be relaxed and refreshed for tomorrow. I need to inform the higher ups, and get adequate preparation, in case any mishaps happen."

Kakashi bade goodbye, and left, towards the center of the Village.

... .. ...

Next Morning

Reo woke up, and after getting ready, was on his way to leave for the Preliminary Exams.

Just then, a bell sounded out from the front door.

"Reo, are you in?"

Hanabi's voice sounded out from outside.

"Yup, I am. Come on in. I will have breakfast, and then we can leave together for the exams."

Hanabi came in and sat on the sofa, while Reo got some milk and some snacks and sat beside Hanabi.

"Have some." offered Reo while he was busy gulping down the snacks.

"I had some before I left. Anyways, Reo listen..." said Hanabi, as she saw Reo listening, took a deep breath and continued, "After what happened yesterday, I... I feel you should not participate today."

"I am worried that he will come after you." said Hanabi in a worried tone.

He could look at her eyes becoming moist. The girl seemed to be too frightened for him.


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