Son of Kakashi
14 Surrounding Orochimaru
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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14 Surrounding Orochimaru

"Come, we will move over to Ichiraku's restaurant for party."

Yugao took Reo and Hanabi to celebrate for qualifying the second trial.

Just as they were leaving the grounds, Team Kakashi also came out of the forest, and Naruto saw them leaving.

"Damn! Those kids were faster than us. But how..."

... .. ...

Arriving at the the familiar restaurant, all three sat down with Reo sitting in between the two.

"Teuchi-san, three special Ramen." ordered Yugao.

"Will get ready in 5 minutes." replied Teuchi.

Teuchi was the owner of the ramen shop. He was a ramen fanatic, and has devoted his life to making ramen.

In the meantime, Hanabi and Reo started to share their experiences with Yugao of what they came across in the forest.

"... So you are saying that those Hidden Sound shinobis' tried to ambush you. But you instead knocked them over?" asked Yugao with an amused expression.

"En." nodded Hanabi and Reo.

"Ha-ha ha-ha! Really you did great." Yugao laughed for a while, and then continued on with a slight solemness, "As you know, those brats were from Hidden Sound. But what you don't know is that Hidden Sound is one of the new Village, that is trying to force it's way into the top five."

Looking at Reo and Hanabi, she found them listening with attention, and she explained further, "Between you and me... the Village is famous for one more reason. It's the very same village where one of our rogue ninja, Orochimaru, escaped to."

"What... you mean Orochimary... as in, one of the three Legendary Sanin? My heavens!" exclaimed Hanabi.

Even Reo was taken a bit by surprise. Suddenly, both Reo and Hanabi's eyes widened, as their thoughts intertwined.

'Could it be that since we fought Orochimaru, when we helped Team Kakashi out, he remembered us and...' both of them shuddered as they understood why those ninjas were their to ambush them.

"Your order is ready!" came out a voice from the kitchen.

At the same time, three ramen bowls were brought over and served right in front of the trio.

Yugao saw them shudder but decided against it, as she thought, 'They must feel goosebumps coming out from his fame. It's good that they understand how dangerous it is to fight against that individual. He is simply a monster...'

Time went on as the trio enjoyed their feast and parted their own ways after Yugao paid out to money.

"Ok, listen up! Preliminary round will be starting from tomorrow. It is the final round, you all need to clear before performing in front of Hokage in the finals of the Chunin Exams. So, go home and rest. Tomorrow is going to a busy day. Goodbye!"

... .. ...

Reo seperated from Hanabi and Yugao, as the duo went together due to their homes staying close to eachother, while Reo's was on the opposite side.

Walking along the streets for quite some time, Reo stopped and spoke out, "Don't hide anymore. I can sense you, so just come out."

While Reo was thinking deep down, "Oh God! I just hope it's my misunderstanding!'

But as soon as he said that, a voice lingered out from the side, "So keen perception! No wonder, you were able to pass through the second round."

The person speaking out, came out into the pathway, and the light from the street lights reflected on his face.

Reo squinted his eyes and tried to put on a calm front, inspite of his heart stricken with fear.

'Not good!' he thought.

"So, Reo, since you rightly guessed that I was saying on you. Why don't you tell me, why was it the case?"

'Damn it! How come he is here?' cursed Reo in his mind.

"Orochimaru... how come you are roaming around in the city. Don't you fear that you could be caught by Lord Hokage? As for you question, you are following me because you did not expect me to beat up you goons, and that too so badly. Right?" smirked Reo on the outside, while inwards he was cussing his cussing his fortune.

"Oh ho! Not bad, not bad. You have given birth to a bright son, Kakashi." said Orochimaru as he glanced over the walls of the building under which Reo was standing at the moment.

Seeing his identity exposed, Kakashi jumped out from the roof, and landed beside Reo. He sided the protector up, to expose his left eye, in which Sharingan was active.

"You have become to rowdy Orochimaru. Just what did you think before walking into Konoha, and too after what had happened in the past."

Kakashi signaled and a dozen Anbu members sprung out, surrounding Orochimaru, forming a net, with each ready to cast out their jutsu.

"My, my... looks like it is going to be fun." hissed Orochimaru.


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