Son of Kakashi
13 Team Yugao Fights
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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13 Team Yugao Fights

Reo and Hanabi kept on walking through the forest after defeating the ninjas' from 'Suna' village.

Reo looked over at Hanabi, as he signalled her to stop.

"Could you look over ahead with your Byakugan? I have a feeling that we are being ambushed."

"Sure, let me check."

"Oh! Seems like it is the case. There is a team up ahead, but, according to their head protector, they are from the Hidden Sound village." and with a slight pause, she asked, "What to do?"

"Simple! Since they want to attack us, they very well be prepared for the consequences." said Reo as both of them lunged forwards sprinting towards the enemy location.

... .. ...

About 300 meters ahead.

The same team, that attacked Sasuke, was waiting here for an ambush.

"I don't understand why Sensei ordered us to ambush the team with Kakashi's son. Do you think he is worth the time?"

"Who cares! Just do as asked, or ..." both the men shuddered and did not dare to dwell too much on it.

"Incoming guys! There are heading towards us-"

"No, we have arrived!" injected Reo.

Not waiting for the enemies to collect themselves, he started attacking.

"Lightning Fang!"

Reo's hand sparkled as lightning formed over it. The formation was pretty quick and barraged the formed particles over the one closest to him.

The person under attack tried to block it out with his kunai. But it was simply too fast and too powerful for him to handle, as he was sent flying onto the ground.

"One down! Two remaining!" said Reo with a calm voice.

Both the remaining enemies were in a state of shock. Never did they imagine, that the seemingly young looking boy, could pack such a monstrous punch.

"Let's attack together and get that kid down."

Both of the remaining ninjas launched their respective techniques.

"Water Gun!"

"Earth Shake!"

From one side, a water shot was aimed at him, while from the other, a rock slab was fired at him. Just when both of their attacks were going to land on him, he moved.

"Body Replacement Technique!"

With a puff of smoke, Reo disappeared from his original position, landing about 20 meters right.

"Hanabi, now!" yelled Reo after avoiding their attacks.

Out of nowhere, Hanabi appeared behind the enemies.

"Sly Mind Effect!"

Both of ninjas were trapped in an illusion, and as a result, their movements slowed down a notch, which was more than enough for Reo to handle them.

Taking the familiar sword out, he charged towards them.

"Lightning Thrust!"

A sparkling let out, forming on the edges of his sword, wrapping it, similar to that of a snake. The lightning looked pure but enough to instil fear in the mind of the defender.

Then, within the next moment, a person could be seen being sinking deep into the woods, accompanied by a loud bang.

Hanabi, on the other hand, had tied the hands of the remaining ninja, likely to be their captain, with a rope.

Seeing both of his team-mates fallen unconscious, a slight trickle of fear was developed in his mind.

This was the second win for his team. Although they only required to knock a single team out, he is still decided to add one more to his tally.

'Knocking them out of the competition, would not hurt us. Anyways, they were the ones who decided to ambush us.'

"So, let's move?" asked Hanabi, waking Reo up from his thoughts.

Reo put his right hand across his chest, responding to her in a noble manner, "As the princess orders!"

Hanabi laughed and pinched Reo on his waist letting out a giggle.

"I may be a princess for others, but for, I am only Hanabi, and it will always remain the same way. Understood?"


Soon, both Reo and Hanabi moved ahead towards the end of the forest.

Half an hour later

Reo and Hanabi arrived at the end of the forest, where the instructors and officials waited for the arrival of the ninjas participating in the challenge.

Just as they went passed the officials, providing them with the necessary badges and forms for the upcoming events, a form appeared in front of the duo.

"He-he! I knew that you guys would pass. You had to."

Reo looked over and replied with a smile on his face, "Yugao Sensei, what a nice surprise to see you here."

Team Yugao had passed the trials and the trio seemed to chat happily while someone from the shadows had an evil grin as he saw Reo coming out of the forest.

"Interesting, interesting..."

... .. ...

# I will be focusing more on Reo's development from now on.

# Others would be referred to if the situation demands for it.


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