Son of Kakashi
12 “Suna“ Village Team
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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12 “Suna“ Village Team

The enemies carried Sasuke on their back and were leaving the battlefield.

Sakura was crying but her injury was too heavy and hence could not move in order to save Sasuke.

"No, no!" she howled, "Come back. Don't take him away. Please."

A person suddenly came in and sent a flying kick towards one of the enemies.

The person in attack had not time to respond as he was sent flying outwards.

"Kin" shouted the one who was holding Sasuke.

without wasting any more time, the attacker swirled around and took Sasuke off of the one who spoke.

He did flip and came near Sakura, who at this moment had opened her wet eyes with both shock and surprise.

"Lee, thank you… thank you so much" said Sakura

he was dressed in Konoha standard ninja uniform and was a member of team nine, Rock Lee.

He removed the tear stains left over at sakura's face with a soft look on his face.

"Sakura, don't cry. I am here to protect you."

… .. …

At a distance of 100 metres

Two ninjas, a girl and a boy was looking on to the situation in the battlefield while sitting on the tree branch.

Seeing Llee enter and taking care of both Sakura and one of the enemy she sighed.

"Llooks like lee has a crush on that girl. should we help him out?"

The boy's vision was focused on the other two as he shook his head.

"No need. Those aren't much powerful. He should be able to handle them. Let's wait and watch."

The girl nodded as both of them looked forward to their battle.

… .. …

1000 metres ahead

Reo and Hanabi were moving along fast as they had quite an easy walk till here.

Both were now, standing still as the team in front of them was from suna village.

"This team is not as strong as the one we met before on the streets of our village." Reo whispered loud enough so that Hanabi could listen.

"yes. lets beat them up and move along to pass the second stage."

Reo nodded as both of them took their fighting stance.

On the other side, the team from 'Suna' village comprised of two boys; #1 and #2, and a girl.

The team looked over and on realizing that the opponent team only comprised of kids, became relaxed.

"A couple of kids" #1 spoke out as he looked over at #2, "You take them out."

#2 nodded and went in to fight Reo and Hanabi.

Reo spoke out, "Let's get rid of the incoming boy and fight one on one with the remaining."

Hanabi nodded as both of them attacked the enemy.

Seeing the duo come at him, #2 let out a smirk, as he raised his fist to knock towards Reo. Reo ducked, avoiding his fist.

Hanabi too, was quick on her feet, as she swept her kicked the enemies leg, making him stumble down. Before letting him recover, Reo blasted away a fireball on its way to #2's head, letting his head on fire.

The remaining team mates of #2 were shocked and jumped into the battle, but it was too late.

#2, utilizing much of his strength to take out the fire but could not save half of his face from burning. In the meantime, Reo let out a swirling kick on his face, smashing his teeth and sending the man flying.

"One down, two remaining." said Reo while turning his vision to the two coming towards him to battle.

Reo took out his sword while Hanabi on his right side activated her Byakugan.

Looking at the Reo and Hanabi, who just revealed their cards, #1 said alarmingly, "Damn, we were played by these kids. Be careful."

Just as his voice went down, Reo slashed out his sword towards #1, while Hanabi took lead and attacked the girl's chakra points, visible with her Byakugan.

After 5 minutes.

The team from 'Suna' village was beaten black and blue, by Reo and Hanabi too the point that all three of them fainted.

"Did we overdo it a  bit?" asked Hanabi.

"No, I don't think so. If it were they, we would also be facing similar condition. Now, don't tell me, you would like to see me in that condition? Would you… sweetheart?" Reo answered with a smile.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Reo while rubbing his waist, "What was that for?"

Hanabi blused as she replied, "Who is your… your sweetheart?"

"You don't know? Then let me tell you…" said Reo with a smile as he arrived next to Hanabi and whispered lightly beside her earlobes, "It's definitely… you."

Before giving enough time to her, Reo landed his lips over hers, pressing the girl down over a nearby tree as he greedily sucked on her supple lips.

Hanabi seemed to resist as she tried to push Reo off.

It was this time that Reo thanked Yugao for training him in Taijutsu, developing his musceles, enough to overpower Hanabi at this point.

Suddenly, Hanabi kneed into his stomack, and broke the kiss.

"Try it again and I will attack it below your waistline next time. Understood?" threatened the girl with deep red face and cloudy eyes, dismissing any threat from her statement.


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