Son of Kakashi
11 First Kiss BONUS
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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11 First Kiss BONUS

Bonus for patron -> james wijono

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# Inside the forest

Reo and Hanabi helped the trio recover and left seeing that everything was under control.

Sasuke suffered a little setback and went completely silent after the battle. Sakura, even though injured, but was a pretty good medical Ninja, so it was not much off a issue.

The only problem was with Naruto who was unconscious. But looking at his expression, it seemed though he was having a sleep, rather than suffering an injury. Hence, both of them left, continuing on their journey.

It was at this time, Hanabi looked over at Reo who was jumping from one branch to another, closing in on the destination they were assigned with.

She could not help but remember the things that happened today.





# Some time ago, when Reo & Hanabi entered the forest

Hanabi says to Reo, "It means... I will be staying at home, and never... ever going to get married. That's why I said, falling for you, for me was similar to a moth drawing towards the flame".

No one spoke another word as they did not know how to get over this environment.

Reo stepped front, forcing his body, and arrived in front of Hanabi in an instant.

Both of them stared at each other in an odd way, as if it were a silent agreement. Their glances battled each other, until Hanabi's face was full of tears, as she found herself crying.

"Why did it have to be this way?", hiccuped Hanabi, tears rolling down with the same quietness.

Reo sighed, wiping her tears, before closing his eyes and reminiscing about the moments they spent together.

Reo, out nowhere, felt a sudden urge to do something, not only to comfort her, but also himself.

In a moment, he pressed his lips against hers, felt her body loosen and her arms touched his shoulder.

Both chuckled beneath the salty tears, "We will always be together!"

Then they hovered right there, quite soundless for too long, simply feeling each other's presence.





Hanabi could still feel the wetness on her lips, as she pressed her lips.

Letting a strong blush, she quickly averted her vision from Reo who had no idea of where her mind was thinking about.

He turned and spoke out, "So, it should be pretty easy on from here. Sensei told us to reach the destination and while we are at it, we just need to get our hands over someone and get their team card, so that we can qualify.

Hanabi, turned serious, as she nodded. Both of them continued their journey which until now was sailing smoothly.




# In another side of the forest

Sakura spent her time healing the external injuries that Naruto received, and was extremely shocked to see his recovery rate, that almost rivalled a Jonin.

'What a strong recovery rate! Is he really only a Genin like me? Also, that chakra that he released early on to deal with that summoned snake... just how many cards is he hiding?', thought Sakura.

But quickly her attention swapped over to Sasuke, who sat down in complete silence as he was thinking pretty hard about something.

She wanted to go over and talk to him, but was afraid that it would only infuriate him more.

She could not help but lament at how pathetic her behavior have been, as she always blindly praised and criticized others, when she was the one who hadn't improved at all.

Out of nowhere, a group of ninjas jumped in and began attacking the two.

They were wearing overcoat and wore masks over their faces. Without making a slight sound, they started the battle with them.

Luckily, Sasuke was not as clueless as Sakura and ended up deflecting the majority, while getting some superficial wounds over his body.

"Am I... so weak?", whispered Sasuke as he bottled up a lot of emotions; fear, anger, hate, revenge, remorse, which finally, found an outlet.

Sakura was fighting two of the opponents as she had completely recovered from her injury and now wanted to prove herself in front of her crush.

The battle went on for some time, as both Sasuke & Sakura did their utmost but it almost seemed as though their opponents were on another level.

Sakura seeing the team in a desperate position, finally realized her wrongs as she resolved to no longer be dependent on her teammates.

Out of nowhere, one of the opponent, let out a snake, that arrived in front of Sasuke and let out a fierce bite on his neck, letting him unconscious.

"Should we carry him back with us?", asked one of the masked man.

"Of course, those were the orders, right?", replied another with a shrug.

Carrying Sasuke on his back, all the three enemies started to move their way out, leaving Sakura behind with her eyes open wide.


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