Son of Kakashi
10 Fighting Orochimaru
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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10 Fighting Orochimaru

Hanabi, with tears forming on her petite face, continued on, "I fell for you".

Reo was stunned. He thought that some mishap had occurred, but it was... wait... was falling for him a nightmare for her?

Not letting Replied go on further with his thinking, Hanabi interrupted him, "After getting my father's attention, he made me promise that I would never leave the family. You know what it means... right?"

Reo was confused. Wasn't a clan heir had to be protected? So what was nightmarish for her, in this situation?

Looking at the puzzled expression on Reo's face, Hanabi sighed, and followed over to tell him the complete matter, "It means... I will be staying at home, and never... ever going to get married. That's why I said, falling for you, for me was similar to a moth drawing towards the flame".

Reo eyes opened wide as Hanabi let out tears of sadness. No one spoke another word or maybe... they did not know how to get over this environment.




# Inside the forest, some distance ahead

Sasuke was frozen with fear while Naruto was fighting on fearlessly with the legendary Sanin, Orochimaru.

Soon, Orochimaru summoned a huge snake which slithered it's way over to the trio.

Naruto was unwilling to give up, as he gathered more power from his inner self, letting him to unconsciously taking out a bit of the demon fox chakra.

Naruto stopped the fox in it's tracks, letting out a surprised expression from the others.

Naruto stood proud while thinking, "Man! That was some fine chakra there. Looks like we have this fight under our control. We just need to get hold of this snake man, and then it all ends.'

Sasuke, on the other hand, seemed to reveal an astonishing expression while thinking on, "Heavens! What was that? When did this dumb guy became so powerful?'

Naruto faced Sasuke as he said in a mocking tone, "You are not hurt, are you... scared little cat?"

For the onlookers, it might be Naruto trying to get his share by pointing Sasuke down. But, in reality, he snapped Sasuke out of his panic.

However, his efforts seemed to have a come to stop.

Orochimaru looked over with fierce gaze while casting out, 'Five Elements Seal!'

Once, the justu hit Naruto, he almost became unconscious, unable to fight on, as the technique disrupted the flow of the demon fox's chakra as well as Naruto's own.

In the end, Orochimaru, attacked the remaining two as he looked over for an opportunity to attack on Sasuke.

Not taking much time, the opportunity came as he threw Sakura jamming her into the nearby tree.

He came nearby Sasuke, extending his neck, similar to a snake, and revealed his fangs.

But just as he was about to bite into Sasuke's neck, a kunai came slashing down and slashed over his face.

*Drip* *Drip*

Fresh blood started oozing out of Orochimaru's mouth.

Glancing over with anger in his eyes, he saw someone... no two people walking over one after the other into the battle area.

They were none other than Reo and Hanabi, who seemed to have come to an understanding regarding their relationship.

Orochimaru stopped attacking and smile with an evil look, "Looks like your friends have arrived. Sadly, I will have to leave".

Before leaving, he faced Sasuke as he said, "You will eventually come to look for me. You know why... because I can provide you the power you need to kill you brother, Itachi Uchiha".

He left after saying that, as a snake left out from his body, slithering into the base of the nearby tree.

Reo sighed as he helped Naruto, whereas Hanabi went and got Sakura out from the tree she was dumped into.




# At a disclosed location within Konoha

Orochimaru was standing in front of 3 people who were draped in mask and overcoat, not leaking even a bit of their appearance.

Orochimaru said as he moved forwards, "Just do as I say. Be sure that you fight up against Sasuke and he ends up half dead. I don't care how much he is hurt, till he is alive. Understood?"

The trio bended down on their their knees as they fiercely nodded at his command.

Orochimaru seemed to think of something as he said, stopping them from leaving, "Make sure you don't hurt his precious eyes. And also, one more thing, collect some information on Hatake Reo. Dismissed!"

Seeing all the three leave in a hurry, he let out a sinister laughter while thinking, 'Kakashi, you have given birth to a pretty strong lad. Just pray to heavens that he is not foolish enough to cross my path again, or in the future I might not be as benevolent as I have been today.'

Thinking a bit, he turned towards the outside while whispering, "It seems, time has come to make a trip over to the 'Suna' village and greet their Kage. Ha-ha Ha-ha!"


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