Son of Kakashi
8 Talk with Sasuke
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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8 Talk with Sasuke

Sasuke's blood was boiling. He wanted to battle it out with Red on the spot, but somehow managed to calm himself.

Taking a heavy breath, he recovered a bit of his calm and said, "I do have confidence in me to beat him. But it will take much of my precious time, trying to walk on the path to kill him, which will only end up making his words sound true".

Reo's eyebrows fused as he asked, "What do you mean? He had a discussion with you?"

Sasuke nodded and after hesitating a bit, still spoke out, "He wanted me to come after him and... and make him pay for sins. He also said that I had to become stronger if I want to get my revenge. That's the only reason I wanted to get stronger. And now seeing you, being a member of 'Uchiha' clan, I, on instinct, wanted your help me in my revenge. Anyways, I am leaving. See you soon".

Reo saw him leave. He wanted to call out to him and speak his mind out but he had already left.

Reo could only whisper to himself, "Unlucky kid... may be your future will try to negate the wrongs your present is suffering".




On another side of the village, Sakura and Naruto told Kakashi about their meeting with the 'Suna' village ninjas.

Kakashi smiled and decided to let his team in on the Chunin exams as he told them, "Yeah, you heard it right. This year our village is going to host the Chunin exams".

He paused a but before continuing, "I earlier thought to let you participate next year, but you progress was pretty good. Thus, I along with other instructors of your batch decided to let you guys in for the exams".

Naruto let out an excited expression as he interjected, "So, we will get a chance to teach that... um... yes, teach that Gaara".

Sakura had an evil foreboding that something major is going to happen during the Chunin exams, but alas, she could not pinpoint over it.

Kakashi looked over at the enthusiastic Naruto and let out a laugh before saying, "Be careful you two. I have a feeling that this Chunin exam will not be as easy as the previous ones. As for your training, I will have to come up with a different regimen, and till then, you both, practice on your own."

Kakashi disappeared, leaving behind a puff of smoke. Sakura turned her head towards Naruto who had an expression which seemed to denote that he is certainly looking forward to the exams.




# At the Hokage's Residence

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, was going through some papers as he smoked through his symbolic pipe.

He puffed a breath before facing towards the person standing in front of him, "So juniors from other villages have started to arrive for the exams. Good! This time, since our village is holding the competition, the arrangements must be properly dealt with. Understood?"

The person standing in front had a cut on his face, extending from his left eye, reaching till his left chin. He was Ibiki Morino, commanding officer of the 'Konoha' Torture and Interrogation Force.

He replied with a stoic face, "Yes, Lord Hokage. The only concern we have is that it might be a trap from our enemies, so that they could enter our village boundaries. Number of scouts patrolling the outskirts are increased. Still, there's a capacity to which we can scout".

Third Hokage nodded and signaled him to leave. He seemed to sigh as he spoke in a nearly inaudible voice, "I believe we will meet soon... Orochimaru!"




# Outskirts of Konoha, inside a old and decaying cave

A snake seemed to slither his way into the cave. Taking turns and sliding across many rooms, he came over to a shabby looking laboratory, where a person seemed to be performing some experiments.

He slithered across and moved into his clothing. The individual had a very pale skin, golden eyes with slitted pupils, purple marking around his eyes and fang-like teeth.

He revealed an eerie smile as he said out in his slightly sissy voice, "Chunin exams are going to start soon. Looks like I will have to make a trip to the 'Suna'village pretty soon. Ha-ha Ha-ha!"




Reo came back to his house, where he was welcomed by Kakashi as both had their dinner.

After dinner was over Kakashi invited Too as he said, "Reo, you also have awakened the Sharingan, and so has Sasuke, the 'Uchiha' kid from my team. From tomorrow, I am thinking of training him, to make him prepare for the upcoming exams. What do you think, want to join us?"

Reo seemed to think for a moment and replied, "I would really like to. But first let me consult it with Yugao Sensei and then I will tell you. Alright?"

Kakashi smiled at his obedient son as he said, "Sure. We will be training at the hill behind the Academy. Be sure to come back there after consulting her".


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