Son of Kakashi
7 Meeting Gaara
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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7 Meeting Gaara

Both Team Kakashi and Team Yugao returned to Konoha to continue with their lives as regular Genin.

During these days, Reo found out that Hanabi seemed to grow more distant during their missions.

As for the time when they were free, she would run off to her house hold stating that she was going through the family training regimen.

Reo was lost in thought, 'Is she alright?'




One day, while roaming around in the village, Reo meet Naruto and his team. And as always Naruto and Sasuke were bickering with each other.

While Reo moved over to greet them, he saw three people walk into his vision wearing 'Suna' village attire.

Two from the trio came over and started to make a conflict.

The girl from the 'Suna' village introduced, "Hi, we are from 'Suna' village; and I have an advice for you. You weaklings better not participate in the Chunin exams this year or you will regret. Ha-ha!"

Naruto was angered and spoke out, "You... you don't need to advice us. We are definitely going to take, a bunch of losers like you, down. I know it!"

The girl's faced twitched at Naruto's reply. No one ever dared to call her a loser, in front of her face. She was ready to battle against Naruto, but the boy alongside her interjected.

The boy smiled as he introduced himself, "Hello, my name's Kankuro, and she is Temari. Don't react at her statement, she, from early on has a habit to speak the... truth. So, please refrain from participating."

Naruto was just about to reply, but was left over by Sasuke who, without wasting anymore time, directly sprung upwards and sent a spinning kick to Kankuro's face.

Kankuro dodged the attack, and just as he was about to reply in kind, a voice sounded out, "Stop it, Kankuro! We are not here to fight with these idiots. Have you forgotten your mission?"

Kankuro's body stood there like a statue without any excessive movements. He gave up on continuing the fight, and sighed before turning back and leaving along with Temari.

Naruto and Sakura were stunned seeing these two rough fellows following the order of the kid. Sasuke was even more stunned, not because the duo followed his order but because he was unable to notice his presence.

'Just when did he arrived so close. I wasn't even able to sense him', thought Sasuke.

The kid continued on with domineering, "Haven't you seen enough. Are you coming out or shall I pull you over myself?"

Just as he finished, Reo, who seemed to be hiding and enjoying the show, came out from the side of the bush.

He smiled as he spoke out with clear voice, "Ha-ha! I was just passing by and saw you guys interacting with each other. It is truly a pleasure to meet you... um... what was your name?"

The kid was thinking, 'Hm... another weakling. Anyways, let these idiots remember my name, unless they disturb me in my mission', and spoke out to all the four present, "I'm Gaara. Don't come near me or forfeit before I come near you", and his whole body turned into fine sand particles and floated away into the horizon.

"An interesting fellow!" whispered Reo while turning his attention towards the three, all thinking something else in their heads.

Reo chatted a bit and bade farewell, going over to the training ground assigned where Yugao was teaching him Kenjutsu.

Seeing him leave, Sasuke interrupted, "Reo, wait! I need to discuss some matters with you".

Reo nodded as both Sasuke & Reo left to chat in private.

Naruto and Sakura were left standing in the heat. Sakura and Naruto went to look for Kakashi to clear their doubts regarding their interaction with the three persons from 'Suna' village.




Arriving at a nearby cottage, both Reo and Sasuke ordered some food, while the atmosphere started to turn serious.

Sasuke was the first to speak, "You already told me that you don't know how you got Sharingan. Right?"

Seeing Reo nod, Sasuke continued, "I don't know what to say, but you definitely must understand that now you too are a part of 'Uchiha' clan. Right?"

Reo thought for a bit and responded, "Yeah, you can say so".

Sasuke's expression relaxes a bit as he continued further, "So you must help me in taking revenge against our clan. We must unite and kill the beast that massacred our clan. You are with me on this, right?"

Sasuke's expression turned a but evil till he spoke till here. Reo was a bit scarred, but more so, he was in a fix on how to tackle the situation at hand.

Reo seemed to think for a moment before replying, "Why do you need my help? Aren't you the one to go solo? Do you feel that you are so weak, that you can't take on your brother?"


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