Son of Kakashi
6 The Hero“s Bridge
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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6 The Hero“s Bridge

Kakashi seemed to be in a fox on how to deal with the current situation in hand.

To be honest, even he did not expect his son to awaken Sharingan. Considering the fact that his Sharingan was given to him by his dear friend and teammate. But how did his son awoke his?

Just as Kakashi was about to shake his head in response, Yugao spoke out, "Perhaps, his mother could be a member of 'Uchiha' clan. What do you say Kakashi Senpai?"

Kakashi smiled wryly in reply, "I don't know. When I met his mother, she had lost her memories. She only remembered the time spent in the village where I met her. She does not remember anything else."

Sasuke calmed down a bit, thinking that his mother might be a part of the 'Uchiha' clan, but still asked, "Then, where is she now? Is she..."

Before he could finish, Kakashi revealed a deathly glare and interjected, "She disappeared. I tried to find him in every nook and corner but it remains a mystery to me till this day."

Kakashi put out a heavy breath, seeming a bit emotional on remembering his wife, Akane.

Sasuke had regained his composure. He disabled his Sharingan and sat trying to recover from the injuries.




# Two days ago

After Yugao entered the battlefield, both Haku and Zabuza were captured alive. Reo and Hanabi had were unconscious while Sakura was healing Naruto and Sasuke who sustained heavy injuries.

The bridge that Tanuza wanted to complete was finally finished, and as a result, Team Kakashi and Team Yugao decided to leave.

As both of them hovered the boat into distance and disappeared from the villager's site, Tazuna proclaimed that the bridge would be called 'The Hero's Bridge' to signify the strength that these Ninjas' gave them.




# At present

Yugao and Kakashi were looking back at the island while chatting and having fun.

Seeing the shore nearby, Naruto was the first one to shout, "Kakashi Sensei, we have reached the shore. It was a pretty easy mission, wasn't it?"

All four; Kakashi, Yugao, Sakura and Sasuke gave him a weird look, while Sakura was the one to pounce on him, "Easy, your head, you Idiot! We were lucky thanks to Reo, Hanabi and Yugao Sensei or else who knows what would have happened if they would have not interjected."

Sasuke, who rarely gets himself involved, too spoke out this time, "Yeah, Sakura is right. If not Reo would have helped us, and distracted Haku, I don't dare assume what condition would be in right now."

All four looked over at Reo and Hanabi who still were unconscious. Suddenly Hanabi's body moved and she opened her cute little eyes.

While rubbing onto her eyes, she whispered as if just awake, "What a dangerous dream! If not Reo would have saved me, I would already be..."

She stopped speaking and opened her eyes wide before yelling, "No, it wasn't a dream. Reo... Reo..."

She looked at her surroundings and found Reo unconscious beside her. After checking his pulse and making sure that he was breathing fine, she let out a sigh of relief and noticed everyone else present on the boat.

Her petite face turned red like an apple. She was too embarrassed to even speak out in her defence.

Luckily for her, Reo too had regained his consciousness.

Waking up, he merely noticed his surroundings, gave a little nod and said, "Looks like we were saved. Thanks for looking after us."

Hanabi was even more embarrassed now, thinking how different our reactions were after waking up.

Reo then turned towards Hanabi and said, "Sorry, it was my fault that I dragged you into the mess. Please forgive me."

Hanabi blushed. She really wanted to find a hole and jump into it. She was unable to handle the embarrassment.

Yugao sensed Hanabi's reactions and helped her to get out of the embarrassing situation as she said, "I don't think Hanabi would like you to apologise. Yes?"

Hanabi nodded.

Seeing that, Yugao continued, "I believe it was you who saved her wasn't it? Right Hanabi?"

Hanabi nodded again.

Yugao smiled sheepishly before continuing, "So, what she wants is that you protect her for a lifetime. Right?"

Without thinking much, and acting on her subconscious, Hanabi nodded again before she realized that she fell in for a trap.

Hanabi seemed petrified on what Yugao's sentence meant. Reo too shocked. Everyone including Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke were stunned.

Only Kakashi had a slight smile on his face as he responded, "Hm! I think she would make a beautiful daughter-in-law. I'm in favor of such a nice and pretty girl."

Reo smiled as he declared, "It's set then", and faced Hanabi as he continued, "I will take care of you for a lifetime."

Hanabi's eyes were swelled, as she just wanted to nod at the current situation, but just as she was about to nod, she remembered chatting with her father one day prior to when they left for the mission.

With tears in her eyes, she shook her head and ran out of the room.

Everyone was shocked and more so Reo. He was sure that he saw Hanabi nodding before her body went stiff and she refused.

Without thinking much further, he ran outside after her. Yugao and Kakashi sighed along with Sasuke and Naruto, while Sakura spoke out to soothe the atmosphere, "Well, they are just kids. Who knows what will happen in the future. Let's rest and prepare to hand over the report of out mission."

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