Son of Kakashi
5 Sharingan
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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5 Sharingan

Hanabi was trying to avoid the fight from the start. If not for carrying about Reo and looking after him, she most likely would have already left the battle.

Seeing Haku aim at her, she was flabbergasted. Haku's mind was in a turmoil. He trusted these guys and yet, they dared to his partner.

'Debt must be returned!' he thought.

"Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals!"

Haku brought out his Kekkai Genkai technique as he formed floating mirrors out of ice and trapped Hanabi within.

Reo ran through and jumped into ice-mirror prison. Naruto and Sasuke were heavily wounded to provide the duo any help.

Both Reo and Hanabi jointly countered Haku. Haku proceeded to pummel Hanabi with wave after wave of senbon barrages, which were made effectively undodgeable as a result of Haku's technique.

Eventually, Reo managed to sneak attack on Haku and landed their first injury on him.

Meanwhile, on another side, Zabuza had already taken care of Reo's clone that managed to slash his sword into his right arm.

He was holding his sword with his left, but with a closer look, one could tell that his battle efficiency had dropped.

Kakashi took full advantage and had the upper hand in their fight.

'That White Light Sabre Chakra on the sword... It's definitely Reo... That kid really managed to help his dad this time around.'

While Zabuza had entirely different thought running down his head, 'That bastard... if only I had been a little careful and not trusted Haku's stupid little scheme.'

'Now all I could do is to give Haku enough time to deal with the traitors', thinking upto here, Zabuza decided to keep Kakashi busy, and gave the fight his all, "Kubikiribōchō - Sword Slash!"

Meanwhile, the fight between Haku and Reo & Hanabi continued, with the two Genin having sustained heavy wounds. Reo was however, starting to dodge Haku's attacks. Haku, noticing this, began to attack an exhausted Hanabi instead, but Reo managed to pull Hanabi out of the way.

A shocked Haku noticed Reo's eyes, and it was revealed that, Reo had awoken a Kekkai Genkai that belonged to the Uchiha Clan, the Sharingan, which enabled him to see Haku's movements with ease.

Haku fearing for his success at winning the battle, goes for a finishing blow upon Hanabi, but Reo rushes to Hanabi's side to stop the attack with his own body.

When Hanabi awakened from her faint, she founded a severely wounded Reo standing over her.

Hanabi's eyes went wide as she asked Reo, "Why... why did you save me?"

Reo just smiled as he answered, "It was merely instinct", and fell into her arms.

Hanabi seemed to hear him whisper, "I'm sorry, I pulled you into this mess" and fell unconscious.

A heavy wave of pain seemed to hit Hanabi's heart. Her eyes lost the sparkle and she seemed to lose her reasoning.

"Reo... Reo... Reo...", only whispers resounded in the area for a brief period before Hanabi lost herself.

She faced Haku while declaring, "You son of a bitch... I'll kill you."

Haku seeing her face, was too shocked to respond to her. Her eyes revealed that she too, like Reo had awoken her Kekkai Genkai, Byakugan.

Haku was truly scared at the moment while thinking, 'What kind of monsters am I fighting? One has a Sharingan, and another one a Byakugan.'

Just as Hanabi took her first step towards Haku, a hand was put out over her neck, making her faint.

"Both of you did well. Now it's time for me to take over", said a girl who had purple hair and a Konoha nin attire.




# On a boat ferrying across the sea.

Kakashi and Yugao seemed to have a lively chat, while Sakura was helping Naruto and Sasuke recover from their injuries. Reo and Hanabi too were along side them, but they were unconscious unlike the others.

Kakashi laughed while chatting with Yugao, "Thanks for taking care of Reo. I believe it's his good fortune that he got someone like you to be his Sensei."

Yugao declined, "No, it's not. To be honest, students like Reo and Hanabi are rare. And more rare are their talents. I am unable to predict their future. But I can be sure that his future would be great like his dad if not more."

Kakashi smiled while responding, "I think it's her blessing that's protecting Reo. She truly loved him."

Amidst the pain, he was suffering, Sasuke struggled to stand up and walked towards Kakashi and asked, "Can I ask you something Sensei. It's important, so please..."

All four, Kakashi, Yugao, Naruto and Sakura turned their faces to look over at Sasuke, thinking what his question is.

Sasuke, then faced Reo while speaking hesitantly, "He definitely is not an Uchiha. Then, why... why does he have a Sharingan? Why?"

Kakashi expected this, so he was not shocked because of the question. But the thing that shocked him was the fact that, Sasuke too had activated his Sharingan while questioning.

'Never thought that his clan massacre took such a heavy toll on this kid. Now how to deal with this situation?', thought Kakashi while trying to figure out an appropriate response.


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