Son of Kakashi
4 Battle
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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4 Battle

Reo and Hanabi were stunned. The name of this fellow is surely that if a boy's... yet his appearance...

Seeing them stunned, Haku assumed that they don't want to help and turned back.

Just as was about to leave, Hanabi called out to him, "Wait! At least first tell us your problem. If it's within our power, we will try to get it solved."




# Somewhere on the Island, inside a cave

Haku, Reo and Hanabi sat down in a circle with fire being lit in the center.

"So it's like this. I, along with my partner, want to attack this Ninja group but they are quite strong. I fear that he will get himself hurt pretty bad if we stand up against them. And while strolling through the forest, I saw you practicing and hence...", said Haku in a one shot breath.

"Hence, you have come over to us asking for advice. Right?", responded Reo.

"Yes, so are you willing?", asked Haku.

"Sure, tell us where and what we need to do, and we will do our best", smiled Reo.

After some time, Haku and Reo discussed their plans and parted their ways. They decided that they will start their attack tomorrow morning.

Seeing that Haku has left, Hanabi looked over at Reo with a confused expression.

Without her asking, Reo replied, "I know, you wanted to refuse that guy as we are his enemies. But I have a different perspective on the situation."

Seeing Hanabi even more confused, Reo directly told her, "My father and his team are also on a mission to this island. I have a feeling that he is a part of their enemies. And since I have been given the opportunity to help him out, I would definitely do so."

Hanabi understood, still she said, "We at least need to inform Yugao Sensei, right?"

Reo shook his head and replied, "I am afraid we can't do so. If the enemy sees any sign of us being enemies, we might be in a very difficult situation. It's best to deal it our levels. So Hanabi, are you with me?"

Hanabi seemed angry at his remark and replied in an angry tone, "Do you even need to ask? Idiot..."




# On another side of the island

Training for Naruto and Sasuke continued, and eventually the two were able to climb to the very tops of their trees, though Naruto was exhausted as a result.

A small boy looked over at Naruto and began sulking. Kakashi approached the boy and began explaining to him about Naruto's past.

"Similar to you, Naruto has also grown up without a father, and that he also had no mother, and therefore had a sad life. Despite these conditions, I have never seen him cry", said Kakashi and then left, leaving the kid alone to think on his own.

The next morning, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura escorted Tazuna to work at the bridge, leaving Naruto behind to rest.

Upon arriving at the bridge they found that Tazuna's workers had been attacked, and the area quickly became covered with a veil of mist.

A couple of Zabuza's appeared in front of them and without any nonsense, the fighting started.

Kakashi revealed his sharingan and said, "Sasuke, you are up."




# Half an hour earlier at some unknown cave

Haku met with Hanabi and Reo, and the group discussed their plan on how to face the enemies.

"So as I was saying, the group of enemies we are facing is quite peculiar. Last time, my partner was almost killed by them. And now with you guys supporting us, we will be able to counter them, and who knows might end up defeating them", said Haku.

"Hey, I wanted to know that why don't you introduce your partner to us?" asked Reo.

"Don't worry. He is preparing to attack and is already at the location. You will meet him once we reach the attack site." replied Haku, but Reo could ascertain that something seemed wrong. He had his gut feeling warning him. But it was a dangerous task anyways, so he went ahead.

After an hour, the trio of Haku, Reo and Hanabi reached the site. The war had already broke out.

Haku saw his partner under attack and rushed to help him out, but was blocked on his way by Naruto and Sasuke.

He turned towards Reo and yelled, "Go help him. I will keep these two guys busy. Go!"

Reo nodded and moved closer to Zabuza. While he moved closer to the battle between Zabuza and Kakashi, all he could do at the moment was stare at the two Jonins fighting.

Still Reo did not lose hope as he thought, 'Time to help Dad has come. Let me find an opening and attack Haku's partner.'

Reo made a shadow clone and was ready to pounce on any given opportunity.

Zabuza and Kakashi were completely concentrated in their fight. Hence, they did not notice Reo's presence.

Both of them went for the kill.


"Kubikiribōchō - Flying Revolving Sword"

Seeing the opportunity to present itself, Reo finally decided to take action.

Reo took out a sword and launched an attack towards Zabuza's back.

Zabuza thought that he was there to aim at Kakashi and was happy seeing him, but his happy expression faded as the sword slashed into his right hand holding Kubikiribōchō.

He yelled from pain, "You bastard!"

Haku, on the other side, was shocked but soon a menacing expression appeared on his face as he changed his target of attack from Sasuke and Naruto to a person on the outside of the battle.

Reo saw Haku and his eyes went wide as he yelled on top of his voice, "Hanabi!"


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