Son of Kakashi
1 Hatake Reo
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Son of Kakashi
Author :red_eagle
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1 Hatake Reo

"Wake up, lame ass."

"Hmm... let me sleep a little longer, Pops.", replied Reo who clearly refused to get out of his blankets in the winter.

"Damn, who told you to read till late at night. It's already noon. Now hurry and get up. Breakfast is ready and I will not be heating it again", spoke out Kakashi who was wearing his trademark suit with a mask over his face.

Reo got up under the constant pestering of his father. He had spiky grey-colored hair, resembling Kakashi. His eyes were plain black, nothing out of ordinary.

If not for Kakashi as his father, he would definitely be treated as a normal village kid and ignored into the background.

Kakashi saw him having him breakfast with a grumbling look on his face.

"Don't give me the sad look! Look I have some interesting news for you. I have talked with the Third Hokage and he has agreed to my request. You will have your chunin exams next week. It was the earliest your Pops could arrange it for you kiddo."

"Really! I knew my Pops is the best. Hehe... So where are you heading to?"

Kakashi replied with a sour face, "I am assigned to three silly kids. Now I have to train and guide them, till they graduate as a Jonin. Oh... life is too hard."

Reo got up and gave his father a pretty solid hug, before speaking out, "Yeah, you are right Pops. Life is too hard, but you must also remember, that there are moment, sometimes hours - and if you're really lucky, full days - where everything feels just right."

Kakashi was stunned. He lost himself in the moment, when he met Akane.

He could never forget the pain that he was going through. Out of nowhere, he met her and she took most of his burden, relieving him off his troubles and sorrow. He could never forget that bright smile that cleared all the dark clouds floating in his heart.

Reo came forward and wiped the tears that were falling off of Kakashi's eyes.

"You remembered her...?"

"Hmm... she loved you... and me. Both of us!"




"Hell, where is Kakashi sensei. We have been here from the morning and now it's noon. When will he come?" asked Naruto.

Out of nowhere, Kakashi appeared right behind Naruto and said, "Here I am, Naruto. Sorry to make you wait."

Kakashi continued without giving them any opportunity, "So the test you three have to go through is this."

He then took out the two bells from his pocket and explained them the rules.

Kakashi continued, "So, you three can start... NOW!"




Reo got ready and left for the academy. Even though he had his qualifying exams next week, still he need to attend school.

The first class went as usual, but just before leaving the class teacher, Iruka, turned and made an announcement before leaving, "Reo you can stay at home and prepare for your Genin exams next week."

The class got heated up and everyone started to gossip over it.

"Is he mad... Taking exams this early."

"Yeah, we have got almost 2 years before we take the exams and still he..."

"Who knows what his parents would think after they get to know of it."

"Reo, why are you taking the exams this early?", asked a pretty girl.

Reo looked over. She was Hanabi Hyuga. The girl was most sought after in their grade and why not, her beauty and intelligence were in no way inferior to her elder sister. In comparison, she could even hold her own against her.

Reo eyes blurred and he remembered the first time when they met.

It was the night after he arrived at Konoha for the first time. He was 2-3 years old and did not have much of a friendly personality. One day he saw Hanabi being bullied by village boys. Seeing her thin and petite form, he immediately came forward to rescue her.

But he was only able to take on 3-4 kids despite his young age. He then looked over at Hanabi with a sorry look in his eyes.

To his surprise, the remaining 5 kids were already down onto the floor.

The girl then spoke out in her aloof and chilly voice, "Thanks for your help. But as you can see, I did not require it the least bit."

Who knew that Hanabi start to notice him after that interaction and so became quite close friends.

"Yeah, Dad told me today as well. But it's good as I won't be wasting my time in the academy. Hehe..." replied Reo.

"Idiot!", whispered Hanabi, gave him an angry stare and went back to her seat.

"What is with this girl? It's hard to understand her anyways."




It was afternoon and Naruto could be seen tied down to the pole while Sasuke and Sakura helped him get his hunger in control.

Kakashi smiled at the trio's behavior and began thinking, 'Looks like the team passed. It will definitely be some fun.'


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