Shura's wrath
4 Chapter 3- Business Transaction
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Shura's wrath
Author :Rakrad
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4 Chapter 3- Business Transaction

Opening the door, a young man about the same age and height as Ling Chen appeared. His disposition was quite impressive and his clothing was of expensive brands. When the man saw Ling Chen, he involuntarily took a step back, his face giving off an expression of excitement and nervousness.

"Who are you?" Ling Chen sized the stranger up. He had seen this person before... When he was heading home with Shui Ruo, he had already given this person a glance. Even though Ling Shuo Ruo was currently only 16, her beauty was sufficient to draw eyes wherever she went so he had not paid much attention at the time. But now, this guy had surprisingly come knocking on his door.

"Ling…. Ling Chen hello, hello.....I know your name is Ling Chen…." As soon as he opened his mouth, Yung Feng wanted to slap himself in the face a couple of times. He interacted with important figures on a daily basis and even if it was the highest official of China, he would not get stage fright. Yet with this youth about his age in front of his eyes, he actually failed to talk coherently.

Yung Feng suppressed the excitement in his heart and spoke seriously: "I'm sure you don't recognize me. This visit is also very presumptuous but I have very important matters to speak with you about. Oh, that's right, let me do my self-introductions first; my name is Yun Feng. Uhh... Can I come in and speak with you?"

Ling Chen stared into Yun Feng's eyes for a second before expressionlessly replying: "My house is contaminated with Isrock, do you still with to enter?"

"No problem, I was just vaccinated last month." Yung Feng stammered out.

"Everybody knows that the current Isrock vaccine isn't perfect. It cannot guarantee immunity one hundred percent of the time….. With this, are you sure you want to enter?"

"Yes yes, of course!" Yun Feng nodded without hesitation.

Ling Chen gave him another glance and remained silent for a few seconds. He then turned around: "Then come in,"

Yung Feng felt as if he had heard the words of a god and walked in filled with joy. He then closed the door as he laughed at himself: looks like I'm still too young. When I see the person I respect the most, my heartbeat increases and I lose control of myself.

The living room was simply furnished but it was extremely neat. Yung Feng walked in very carefully. When Ling Chen sat down, he also hurriedly sat in front of Ling Chen and started speaking: "Let me begin the self-introductions again. My name is Yung Feng, I am…."

"Why did you come looking for me?" Ling Chen rudely interrupted him.

Looking at Ling Chen up close and experiencing his piercing stare, Yung Feng's heartbeat became faster and faster as he became more and more certain Ling Chen was that person. This was the sharpest stare he had experienced in his lifetime, sharper than even the edge of a sword. Under his expressionless gaze, Yung Feng began to feel a bit choked. He took a deep breath before speaking: "I came here to make a business deal with you…. Please don't refuse immediately, I'm certain this business deal is of great interest to you."

"Business deal?" Ling Chen slightly wrinkled his eyebrows. He had let this person enter because he didn't feel any kind of evil intent or danger from him. As for business deals, he never easily made deals with other because...

"Yes!" Yun Feng nodded his head and started speaking: "The day after tomorrow is the opening of <Mystic Moon>. I believe you are already aware of this. I want…." A trace of excitement leaked into Yung Feng's voice: "I want to invite you to join a gaming studio…. Ah no, a gaming guild, only right now it's a bit small."

"Not interested. I stopped having time to play those things a long time ago, you can leave." Ling Chen refused without hesitation and displayed an expression of wanting Yun Feng to leave as soon as possible. Only, in his heart, he was somewhat suspicious why this person would especially come to invite him to join a gaming guild.

The virtual gaming world huh….. right now my only world is Shui Ruo, everything else can give up on infringing on my time with Shui Ruo.

"Wait... Wait, let me finish. Let me finish!" Yung Feng hurriedly waved his hands before quickly calming himself down and continuing: "Because this is a business deal, my side will naturally compensate you satisfactorily. I know you have a sister with Isrock and these past few years, you have been struggling to save her. Well, there is something you should be interested in."

Yun Feng's expression became serious and he slowly spoke out a name: "Drug 13223!"


The calm and collected Ling Chen reacted as if he had been pricked with a needle and stood up from the sofa, both eyes staring intensely at Yun Feng: " You…. Say it again!"

Before, Yun Feng had seen Ling Chen's love for his sister so Ling Chen's reactions now were entirely within his expectations. Yun Feng stood up as well and looked Ling Chen straight in the eye: "Drug 13223, that's the payment for the deal!"

"That drug, there are only thirteen bottles of it in the whole world!"

"No, that was at the start. Of the thirteen, ten have already been used. There only remain three remaining, one of which happens to be in my possession." Yun Feng's gaze did not waver in the slightest, letting Ling Chun see his words contained not a hind of deceit.

"Who….. are you?" Only now did Ling Chen truly begin evaluating this person before him. Ling Chen's body shivered, particularly his hands. In this world, the things able to pull his heartstrings were few in number, yet this "Drug 13223" was able to cause a thunderclap to go off in his chest. This was because Drug 13223 was the most effective drug at treating Isrock available up to now. As long as an Isrock patient was given the drug it would cause the Isrock virus to fall into a dormant state for 10 years. Within these 10 years, the patient would not be affected by the Isrock virus at all and gradually recover vitality and life force. Their body would gradually return to a healthy state... until 10 years later when the disease would return once again.

And it's significance did not lie solely in its ability to extend life by 10 years. As science became more advanced, it was very likely that within 10 years, a complete cure for Isrock would be discovered. When the disease returned once again, it would no longer as scary and despair inducing.

There were only thirteen bottles of this medicine in the whole world. Before the professor who developed it could make a fourteenth bottle, he was assassinated and the composition of drug 13223 became a mystery. The people who knew of this drug were very few. Ling Chen happened to be one of those who knew. These last few years, he had never stopped looking for drug 13223, but no matter how hard he looked he always came back empty handed. After all, in the whole world, there were only thirteen bottles.

"Yun Feng….. The Yun Financial Group's direct heir. With my identity, do you think that I have the qualifications to possess a vial of drug 13223?"

Ling Chen: "…"

"At the time my family went through great difficulty to obtain this bottle of drug 13223 to save my grandfather who had suddenly contracted Isrock. However, when we finally obtained it, my grandfather had already passed away. My father thoughtlessly tossed the bottle to me in his despair…. Now, it belongs to me. If you agree to my request, then I will immediately give this bottle of drug 13223 to you."

"I agree!" the Ling Chen who had immediately rejected Yun Feng now accepted with an even more determined tone. As long as he could save Shui Ruo, he would do any work, bear any costs.

Yun Feng was so excited after receiving Ling Chen's affirmation that he almost jumped out of his chair. He patted his heaving chest and said: "Heh heh, it's excellent you're able to agree, truly excellent…. Uh, speaking of which, you must be wondering why I would come to you to make this deal right?"

Ling Chen slightly nodded, he appeared calm, but how could he not be full of turmoil inside…. Drug 13223, the thing he longed for even in his dreams, to think that it would fall right into his lap. Only, with something this valuable, could the conditions of this business deal really be simple?

Yun Feng stood up, eyes looking up. The scene he could never forget seemingly appeared before him, he slowly spoke: "3 years ago, Yuntan mountain, you, me, Eve."

Ling Chen slightly paused. Then, the scene he had buried deep in his heart long ago surfaced. His face showed his astonishment: "You….. That year, you were the Cycles of Wind and Snow who witnessed my battle with Eve?"

"Yes! Yes! It's me, precisely me!!" Seeing that Ling Chen even remembered his name at the time, Yun Feng became thoroughly excited. "What you don't know is, even though I didn't see who won and lost, after watching that fight I couldn't sleep well for 3 days… That was a true epic, legendary, ultimate battle! Before that I never thought in China there was someone who could fight Eve for so long without losing. Even luckier, at that time your mask had been knocked off by Eve, allowing me to see your face….Ah, but don't worry, even though I've been looking for you this whole time, I haven't told anybody about your circumstances. Even though I once told some of my friends someone capable of fighting with Eve has appeared in China…. None of them believed me. To be honest, if I hadn't witnessed it myself that year and someone else had told me about it, I wouldn't have believed it either."

Ling Chen sat down on the couch again, sighing in his heart. He finally understood why Yun Feng had such a fervent expression when he looked at him. Who knew that the swordsman who climbed Yuntan mountain and happened to meet him and Eve three years ago in the world of <Heaven Slaughter> was able to recognize him threes years later and even took the initiative to find him and give him what he sought even in his dreams.

Was this all fated? Was this God showing mercy to him, no longer forcing him and Shui Ruo to part…

"As long as you can get drug 13223, I will agree to your conditions…. But first what exactly do you want me to do?" Ling Chen asked.

"Don't worry, you are the only person who I have looked up to in my life. I definitely won't use the drug 13223 to blackmail you into committing atrocities. To tell the truth, I'm doing this for the same reason you are." Yun Feng sat down in front of Ling Chen again, he calmly spoke: "Just like you I'm doing this for my little sister."


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