Shura's wrath
3 Chapter 2 – Ling Chen, Shui Ruo
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Shura's wrath
Author :Rakrad
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3 Chapter 2 – Ling Chen, Shui Ruo

"….. Immediately get me all the information you can on the residents of Tianyuan district's unit 12 villa. It must be done before this afternoon, hurry.... Make sure the people living there don't find out."

Putting down the phone, Yun Feng clenched his trembling hands and excitedly shouted: "It's him, it's definitely him. The only person who was the only one able to fight with Eve for half an hour and not lose in <Heaven Slaughter>. Appearances can be similar…. But no one else could have that gleam within his eyes! And likewise, he has a little sister with Isrock…."

"My troublesome little sister, your big brother is going to give you a massive surprise this time!"


Two hours later...

"….. That man is called Ling Chen, the girl is called Ling Shui Ruo. Two years ago they moved here from Zhong Zhou city, probably in order to better treat the girl's Isrock. We just checked the hospital's patient records, that girl has had Isrock for 3 years now. She and er parents caught the disease at similar times but her parents died within 1 year. However, that girl has tenaciously struggled until now.The doctors say she has a very strong will to survive…. But Isrock has already spread throughout her body, even if her will was stronger, at most she can only live 3 more months….. Also, there are rumors that Ling Chen was picked up by the Ling couple 6 years ago and has no blood relation with Ling Shui Ruo. Currently, we have no way of verifying that information….. Young master, this is all the information we have gathered up until now."

"That's fine." Yun Feng ended the video call and looked at the time. He stood up and paced around a few times within the room before opening the door and running out. He couldn't wait a second longer.

He had to take care of this kind of thing personally.


Entering the front door, Ling Chen picked up his sister's soft body like usual and gently placed her on the small bed in the middle of the living room, specially arranged for her use. Crouching down, Ling Chen poked the tip of Shui Ruo's nose and asked while smiling: "Ruo Ruo, are you hungry? Would you like to eat something?"

"I just ate ice cream, I'm not hungry." Ling Shui Ruo shook her head. She then blinked her jewel-like eyes, opened her arms and faced her brother with a hugging posture: "Brother, it's so hot, carry me over to take a bath first?"

"Sure." Ling Chen smiled and once again picked up Shui Ruo and walked towards the bathroom. Ling Shuo Ruo's Isrock infection had already spread throughout her body so her current strength was less than that of a 2, 3 year old child. She lacked the strength to move her body. All her movements relied on either a wheelchair or Ling Chen's arms to be carried out. She treasured the sensation of being carried in his arms. Whenever the time came, she would close her eyes, hug him with what little strength she had, listen to his heartbeat, and smell his scent.

Ling Chen single-handedly took care of the whole house, washing clothes, cooking meals, cleaning….. All of the household chores were taken care of by him. Whatever time wasn't spent doing these tasks, he spent accompanying Shui Ruo, practically never letting her leave his line of sight for even the shortest period of time.

Two years ago, when he brought Shui Ruo to Beijing, the capital of China, he had already decided that before Shui Ruo left, he would spend every second of every minute at her side. Perhaps, before he met her, he never would've thought that he would go so far for a girl.

TL: The following is a very pure scene. Those with dirty thoughts shall forever be banished from this realm (Copied from Sylver)

Within the large and clean bathroom, Ling Shui Ruo closed her eyes. Slightly shaking her long eyelashes, she allowed her older brother to strip off her clothes and then skillfully unclip her light blue bra. A gust of cold wind nipped at her chest as she opened her eyes and saw her own snowy white chest exposed to the air, sparkling like two upturned jade bowls. Her peaks were like two faintly pink flower buds so delicate that people almost could not bear to touch them.

This scene that could cause any man's blood vessels to burst had only ever been appreciated by herself and the man next to her. A pair of hands looped under her arms, carefully cupping her fair and tender flesh gently and started rubbing. Ling Chen pressed up against her neck from behind, enjoying how pink and tender it was and lovingly remarked: "Ruo Ruo, it seems like they got bigger again."

"That….. does brother like it?" Ling Shui Ruo softly pursued her delicate lips, her chest softly moving up and down under his touch. Her cheeks were flushed and her mouth softly panting while both of her eyes were gradually losing focus.

"Ruo ruo is the most beautiful girl in the world, every part of Ruo Ruo's body is the world's most beautiful. Of course, I like it." Ling Chen said with a smile, softly kissing Ruo Ruo's tender lips. Afterwards, he slowly slid towards her cheeks that looked like they were art made of porcelain and jade. Ling Shui Ruo's flesh appeared to be made of nephrite, slightly translucent, as well as pink, sleek, and tender like a baby.

His two hands left her chest, slowly moving down, softly taking off her blue camisole, revealing her coquettish charm, her exceedingly exquisite body, her two slender and straight legs lustrously twinkling, her fair snow white round rear that could not be described in words. Ling Chen softly picked her up and placed her within the bathtub full of warm water.

Although he was with her from dawn to dusk and was incomparably familiar with every inch of her body, every time he faced this situation his willpower would undergo a great trial. He calmed down his heart and softly stroked her whole body with fingers soaked in warm water, slipping past her moist and snowy neck, suave and fragrant shoulders, white and tender chest, slender and immature waist, finally settling on her delicate, slender, and beautiful pair of legs….. he moved slowly and gently as if touching a glass doll that would break on contact.

Ling Shui Ruo closed her eyes, cuddled up like a lovable kitten within his embrace, enjoying his love towards her. When the water temperature began to drop, she opened her eyes, peacefully remarking: "Brother, the doctor says the most I can live for is another three months, is that true?"

Ling Chen's hands stopped moving. He thoughtlessly grabbed her small hands, smiled and said: "Does Ruo Ruo believe that?"

Ling Shui Ruo strongly shook her head: "I definitely won't die, I still haven't completed my promise with brother, how could I die."

Within Ling Chen's eyes, a layer of moisture appeared. He hurriedly blinked his eyes closed, scattering that layer of water so that his Shui Ruo wouldn't see it. He hugged the girl in front of him, lightheartedly saying: "So, Ruo Ruo you have to do your best.j All the way until the day you marry me, okay?"

He would never forget that year Shui Ruo was 12, when she used her soft voice to promise him: "After I grow up, I will definitely marry brother..." This beautiful promise had become the basis of her motivation.

But now, Isrock had caused her most beautiful wish to become an impossibility. Her holding on until now showed already strong enough, however, he knew very clearly that Shui Ruo's current vitality was no stronger than a small stem of grass. Any kind of rain or wind could easily take away her life. Just one hour ago, the doctor had cruelly told him: "At most, she can live 3 more months….. And this is in the ideal case. Whenever she sleeps, there is always a chance that she will never wake up again. It's already miraculous that she could endure up until now, give up…."

Give up? Heh…. How could he give up!

"En, I will struggle on, struggle until that day….. but, can brother promise to fulfill another of my requests?" Ling Shui Ruo's eyes flickered as she softly whispered.

Ling Chen: "…."

"If…. If I can't endure until that day, brother can't be sad for too long and more importantly, brother can't be lonely. Brother needs to find a beautiful, warm, gentle girl who loves brother and takes care of brother and will always accompany brother, okay?" Ling Shui Ruo was cuddling within his embrace while speaking delirious words.

Ling Chen bit his lip …. These were words that the struggling Shui Ruo had never said before. Evidently, even she already knew that she could no longer endure. He shook his head and used a faint shivering voice to cry out: "Ruo Ruo, please don't say things like this anymore, I definitely….. definitely won't let you leave me!!"

Ling Shui Ruo didn't speak again, she curled up in front of her brother's chest, enjoying every second of her precious time with him.

Mother said that after people die they will go to a place called heaven. That place would be very warm, very peaceful, and made everyone happy. But, that place doesn't have brother…..

A place without brother, how could it be heaven…..

I really want to live, live until that day I can marry brother….. And then spend a lifetime by his side, never seeing him sad or lonely


After feeding Shui Ruo lunch, Ling Chen carried her to the bed in the room, softly kissing her forehead, and massaging her legs. Every day at this time Ling Shui Ruo always took a nap. Isrock victims needed to sleep large amounts in order to somewhat reduce the decline in vitality, otherwise, they would accelerate their death.

After looking at the time, Ling Chen sat on the sofa and carelessly turned on the TV. He usually did not watch much TV and also paid little attention to news not pertaining to Isrock. Ever since Ling Shui Ruo had caught Isrock, he spent all his time and energy on her.

"…..The world of <Mystic Moon> will open this month on the 7th at 9 o'clock to the whole world. <Mystic Moon> is once again leaving its mark on the history of virtual gaming, it presents all gamers with a mysterious world that exceeds imagination….."

After carelessly changing the channel a few times, he found they were all about <Mystic Moon>. Ling Chen closed the TV, half lying on the couch with his eyes closed, he lightly sighed. All of his thoughts were on Ling Shui Ruo; <Mystic Moon>, virtual game worlds, all of those had nothing to do with him.

"Big brother! Big brother, quickly wake up. You will be burned if you lie down here. Big brother..."

"I don't have water... Is this okay? Its cooling and sweet."

"Is it nice? If it's nice then you must finish it all…."

"Wu... Mama, why did you pull me away, big brother is thirsty. He wants water... Mama, papa, can you save him? Papa, you are a great doctor, you can definitely save him right?"


...….. Ruo Ruo, that year, it was you who saved me from the door of death. But now, what can I use to save your life.

"Ding dong….."

"Ding dong.…."

The doorbell ringing next to his ears made Ling Chen immediately open his eyes. He sat up and faintly furrowed his eyebrows. Within the area, every family knew that villa 12 had an inhabitant with Isrock so his house would never have guests. People wouldn't even dare to come near here. It had been a long time since the doorbell last rang. More importantly, he was concerned about whether the noisy doorbell would disturb the sleeping Shui Ruo.


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