Separated Sands, Authors Conquest
5 Luck and Loopholes!
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Separated Sands, Authors Conquest
Author :ShadowRose13
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5 Luck and Loopholes!

So as I got dry and put on my outfit, which was just regular pants and a t-shirt with the leaf emblem on it. When I headed out the entranceway to the male baths I ended up smashing into someone causing both of us to fall over. As you know when you crash it is human nature to close your eyes well I did and I smelt a very fragrant herbal scent waft into my nose and a warmth marshmallow like feeling on my cheeks. Opening my eyes I found myself surrounded by large creamy hills.

"Little boy are you going to get off me?" A woman's voice sounds and I look up a little more. Speak of the devil I found Kurenai. Male Moe mode activate! "I-i'm sorry big sister" I say as i push myself away from her only I do make sure to note her perfect 'assets' with my eidetic memory, thank you previous soul! I get up making sure to show just a few tears at the corner of my eyes. "Owie!" I whimper reaching down I rub my ankle which is sore now. 'Yes good going universe!'

Kurenai pushes her upper body up and quickly covers herself with a towel only to see the small red haired boy holding his ankle and crying "A-are you ok?" I decide to go with the 'Play strong' route "Y-yes I am ok" I try to step forward only to fall down again landing before her letting my perverted little self peek up into her thighs. Though I really was in pain though when i took the step but with my anbu training it didn't effect me enough to warrant a stumble.

She seems sad seeing such a small child being injured because of her "Where is your mother and father child? They should take you to the hospital" Oh even she is letting me make this easier, Yes right now I am the lowest of scums but whatever. I let a few tears flow down my face "I don't have a mom or dad..." She looks down at me "Oh you poor child" Then she wraps her arms around my small frame hugging me tightly

"What is your name child? Come let's get you to the hospital" I cough "Big sis my name is Marix but um shouldn't you get dressed?" She only now realizes she was about to rush out in only a towel. Her face turned very red. "Ah yes." She takes me into the woman's dressing room and began to get dressed right in front of me "Hey don't stare like that. Turn around!" She reprimands me. 'D*mn show is over'

After she got dressed she takes me to the hospital and they heal me pretty easily. My ankle is no longer sore or slightly swollen anymore at least. They didn't use chakra for it though just herbs. "Thank you big sis!" I say giving my biggest smile. She hugs me even harder than "Oh my God you are so cute!" 'Suffocating! Not breathing!' I was smashed between her bossom again which is nice but not when I CAN'T BREATH!

"Come let this big sis take you home" I shake my head "No I still have to get food. The hokage gave me money see!" I pull out my small wallet showing her my ryo "The Hokage huh? Well come big sis will help you pick some good stuff. You hungry?" I nod my head "Then let's get a snack on the way" She holds my small hand walking with me to the Naruto Famous Ichiraku Ramen.

Just for information I am american and here it is difficult to find any 'authentic ramen' so I never had ramen that didn't come in a cup. But OH MY GODS!! This has got to be the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! Seriously I know that it was made out to be really god in both canon and my fanfiction but until you actually taste it no words can really describe it.

Kurenai chuckles while watching me go at the ramen with such gusto but at the same time she is sad 'So young but he eats like he hasn't had a full stomach in days' After eating my fill she pays for me, I knew I made a good choice in a harem member. Then we head to the market to get food which I am kinda regretting since I only used that as an excuse so I can go look for Anko. Still I manage to sort some things out.

I talk to her about spots around the village and I point in one direction "Why is the forest that way surrounded by a fence big sis?" She looks where i point "Oh that. You should stay away from there until you are older." She pats my head "Okay big sis" 'Ok I am getting a bit nauseous at myself' "Big sis I have to go home it's getting dark" She nods her head and takes me to mine and narutos house. "I'll see you later Marix. Big sis will visit often" The she turns and walks away. Her hips sway a bit as she does but most woman's hips sway when they walk. Doesn't make it any less mesmerizing though.

I chuckle to myself 'Well she will have me on her mind for awhile so I think this was a success even though I met her by accident' I then remember a certain thing that Naruto world has but I completely forgot about til now "Dragons!" My heart pumps with excitement (Author loves dragons) and I rush into the household. Looks like I gotta make my satellites faster. I want their bloodline!

When I get into the basement which I have restricted with seals I walk over to my computers. You know I learned something fun about my cheats. My first wish was to forego hand seals but I also added said this "If I imagine it and say it I can use the jutsu I want" Which gave me a loophole. As long as I have the right theoretical knowledge, affinities, proper image, and chakra. I can literally make any jutsu I want!

Like I fused Yin, Yang, Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Metal, Lightning, and Space Time releases to make my own Jutsu I call World Jutsu. I made this due to the saying From Chaos came Yin and Yang from Yin and Yang came Light, Darkness, Space and Time, and the five elements. So I figured mixing them all together and adding lightning to the mix, since the original five elements had metal(gold) not lightning as in the naruto world, would give me an almost omnipotent jutsu.

"World Jutsu: Google Sensei Hack" Yep this was what I made. A search engine interface that connects to the internet of the real world. With this I look up satellites and how to make them. I absorb as much as I can of the knowledge so that I can make my own here to scan the land and find the things I want faster. Ah aren't loopholes great?
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    《Separated Sands, Authors Conquest》