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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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16 Monster

The Boy, no matter how tiny his brain was, realized that a feast had been prepared for him. Without a moment of hesitation, he began to greedily slurp at and engorge himself on the contents of the retarded barriers. If he were to have been human, perhaps he would be disgusted and appalled at the thought of eating his kin. He, however, felt it was only natural that he had tricked the snakes to feed him.

"My my~ look at how hungry you are my sweet little boy..." mama-snake chided pleasantly.

Despite his inability to hear, the Boy could sense the intent behind her words and actions like there was a small voice in the back of his mind narrating the events around him. If she had meant to harm him, he would have already made a miserable attempt to flee. Now, however, the Boy himself couldn't spare the time to care about anything other than the feast laid out before him. One-by-one the plethora of eggs laid out below him were drained of their contents and the scraps were stuffed into the albino snake's long body as mama-snake could only look on in surprise at the sight of over a hundred of her inert spawn being devoured by a single white-bundle.

'By the Gods...' mama-snake said, rather overwhelmed with the sight.

"Yes... I know what I will call you, young one..."

And then the Boy paused.


[Your name has been registered as...]


"[Dolus Adder]!"

Level : 1 (0/10)

Monster Rank : P (Pest)

Unused Experience : 136

Species : Albino Deceiving Serpent (Magic-Beast)

Status : Blind , Deaf





Skills / Mutations :

\u003cMana Perception Lv.1 (0/10)\u003e

This skill grants the user an active ability \u003cEnhanced Mana Perception\u003e which gives the user the ability to perceive anything within a 10m radius. This ability relies on the presence of mana, and as mana holds many properties the user can perceive anything from the inside out as long as it is within range. Passively, the ability can extend as far as 100m to sense the rebound of mana but cannot pierce through an object.

Active : \u003cEnhanced Mana Perception\u003e

CD : None

Req : Restricts perception to 10m.

\u003cMana Core Lv.1 (0/10\u003e

This mutation is the physical center of mana within the body of any magical beast. The uniqueness of each magical beast's mana core makes them wildly unpredictable, often being forcefully taken from magical beasts until they reform. As a magical beast, the way you practice magic and allocate your experience points directly affects the growth of your core.


The way in which a monster progress through life was different than that of the progress of enlightened creatures recognized by the gods. Monsters have never had any access to the system as that was determined to be too dangerous by both the system and the gods. Monsters become stronger easily if given the right conditions, the addition of the system would drastically tip the scale of power. Monsters with a system use 'experience points' to directly control their evolution and skill development. Another difference is a monster's rank, a direct correlation to the threat level assigned to a monster when an adventurer may request information about a monster.

S - Superior; a target that demands the cooperation of both the military forces of a country and the adventurers as well as prominent figures in the guild. This target is recognized as a threat to the world as their strengths stretch from the ability to tear a part a country to the ability to wipe all intelligent beings off the face of the planet.

A - Advanced; a target that may require the presence of experienced adventurers to be subjugated. This target is recognized as a threat for cities and a disaster for small towns and villages. For example, a young drake can spew out volatile attacks imbued with the mana-type they are naturally inclined towards since birth. A fire drake would raze villages and destroy ecosystems while an ice drake may cause unnatural cold weather patterns and freeze villages, making areas influenced by its presence unfit for most life.

B - Beginner; a target able to be handled by inexperienced adventurers. This target is recognized as a threat for small towns and villages. For example, a pack of the monster-variant of intelligent dire wolves requires careful preparation of a newbie group of adventurers as they tend to have sub-human levels of intelligence and high agility.

C - Common; a target able to be handled by a group of everyday people. For example, a monster-variant of a brown bear can be handled by a decently sized group of 1-5 untrained adults, the size of the group depending on their physical strength and available weapons.

P - Pest; a target able to be handled by an everyday person. For example, a monster-variant of a sewer rat that are found in cities can usually be dealt with by a simple stomp of the foot from a child.

Ranks aren't only used as a threat ranking system since they have a very real effect on the monster's themselves and their hierarchy. A lower ranked monster may feel an intense flurry of emotions when in the presence of a higher ranked monster, fear and intense paranoia being a common experience. Some monsters are submissive to higher ranked monsters while others may see higher ranked monsters as a chance to grow. This is seen in enlightened creatures through the influence of 'aura,' or power of the soul, but the monster equivalent is a stat called Dominance. Dominance increases with monster-rank and level as well as various other factors, for example environment.

A fire-focused creature may exert heightened Dominance in environments filled with the element of fire and lessened Dominance in environments made up of the element of water. Of course, the Boy had no way of truly knowing this information in such detail, but he instinctively understood that he was quite weak after 'reading' his status. No, perhaps even weak wasn't a fitting enough word to describe the pathetic white bundle's miserable fighting capabilities.

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》