Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
15 You Have Much To Learn
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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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15 You Have Much To Learn

"Ssssss~?" a curious and crisp hiss came from Mama-Snake, a much more refined and pleasant hiss compared to the inexperienced and crackling sounds from the Boy.

A deep warm breath washed over the Boy, but that failed to prompt movement as he was frozen with indecision. To the Boy, many long strands of pulsating deep red and yellow light made up the length of the 6 meter long beast. This light was mana, and if the Boy remembered anything from its previous life, it would know this is abnormal. After all, was mana not described to be some shade of blue? The Boy, however, had no memories nor reason to know of this bit of information though.

The eggs beneath him were dull, as the creatures inside were not close to developing mana circuits in their bodies for the Boy to sense, but that was only if they were even lucky enough to develop them since magical beast are not exactly common. Still, the Boy could 'see' their small forms in their retarded barriers since mana was naturally released in waves from both the Boy and Mama, which then bounced off objects while also piercing through them. So, while he could sense mana bounce off the rounded edges of the barriers, he could also sense the creatures inside and the organs inside the creatures as it passes through them.

The Boy did notice that when he 'looked' at himself, his mana appeared to be a mix of sickly purple with a few black wisps scattered about his flow of mana.

If the white bundle of indecision knew this was unusual, it would think, 'Perhaps these varying colors are the traits of great snakes?'

Instead, it was wondering if it should run from Mama or ask it for food, because right now it really needs how to satiate this intense hunger that seems to be clawing at its currently not-so lengthy innards at moment. Mama, however, seemed to notice his pleading eyes as she displayed her fierce fangs while lowering her head to his level. causing the Boy to slowly slither back before he realized what she was doing.

'Shhhhck,' a sound similar to that of a piece of paper being ripped sounded out as she tore open one of the retarded barriers below his tiny scales.

This particular species of snakes is very intelligent and can only reproduce if they develop mana circuits in their bodies. While neither blindness nor deafness is a common trait, as long as a snake has mana circuits it will be given a feast of as many of its less-fortunate siblings as it desires.

At the sound of the tearing egg, a flood of snakes with varying scale patterns poured into the dimly-lit cavern from crevices in its walls, but they all were making sure to maintain a relatively spacy distance away from Mama as a sign of respect.

To ensure the survival of its kind, the inert snakes either serve as warriors or as food to the more fortunate snakes that develop mana circuits.

To ensure the survival of its kind, they've hidden below the surface in a dungeon for many years.

To ensure the survival of its kind, they will emerge once more, but now united as a family.

"Eat up, young one," Mama gently commanded him.

"You have much to learn."

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》