Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
12 Heading to Breakfast 2
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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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12 Heading to Breakfast 2

[\u003cObserve\u003e was relatively successful!]

[Showing Partial Status of Target : ]

[Observation Status Menu]

Name : Ruko

Race : Human

Age : 13

Level : 12

HP : 10/25

Status : Injured (More susceptible to damage and intimidation)

Title(s) : [Bully] [Youthful Warrior]

STR/VIT : 24 (+1)

AGI/DEX : 24 (+1)

INT/WIS : 24 (-5)

CHR : 5 (-10)

'Looks like VIT translates directly into your HP,' I thought to myself in the crowded silent hall.

Twisted faces and wide eyes were seen all throughout the room. Seeing people so shocked is honestly kind of funny, however the dull eyes of the 2nd-Class Student and puddle of red blood reminded me that the atmosphere of the hall is incredibly tense.

'Luckily, my hand-to-hand combat and that weird technique are skills I only just acquired. Otherwise, I might have accidentally killed him..' I thought to myself grimly.

I would have regretted killing him given that he is the perfect guinea pig to study the effects of stats like VIT. For now, I can only assume the STR stat is the peak amount of HP a physical attack can do to a target. Stats like agility and dexterity are clear on their effects, but it is harder to tell the difference between a mere 1 or 2 point stat difference. I have never seen HP before, I didn't even know it was possible to turn a persons life into a simple value like that. Maybe its an effect of both \u003cInterpret\u003e and \u003cObserve\u003e.

"What's going on here?" a loud masculine voice resounded throughout the crowded silent hall.

[3rd Person]

Upon hearing the familiar voice, many people within the room turned towards its origin, and an explosion of voices responded to the masculine voices question. Due to his role within the school, many were excited and relieved to see his face. The man was walking calmly down the hall, noting the most important and informative responses, along with a few random comments.

"Sir, there was a fight between a 1st-Class student and Ruko right up there!"

The man picked up his pace, heading towards the location that seemed to be the center of attention for all of the students in the hall. After all, like always, he'd have to clean up the mess that his younger brother had made. Hopefully, Ruko had listened to his advice to show some restraint this time. He'd rather not have to explain to another poor family why such a young child had their future stolen from them. Those parent's angry voices and distraught faces are one of the worst things he had ever had to look at and be responsible for.

"Someone needs to get a healer!"

However, no matter how stupid his brother is, Ruko is the only family this man has left. He'd much rather die or kill than see the last responsibility his parents left behind for him slip through his fingers. Even if Ruko tested his patience on a frequent basis, he is the best thing this man has.

"Damn, I feel bad for this dude..."

"Ruko, eh? That poor 1st-Class, to have run into my stupid younger brothe- WHAT?!" words flowed casually from the man's lips before the shock of seeing his younger brother mangled on the ground resulted in a sudden outburst.

Staring blankly at the feet of the crowd around him, Ruko's broken body laid on the ground without any close enough to immediately be identified as his opponent. His right arm loosely sprawled itself across the ground to the left of his toned body, twisted as if it were a wet rag being wrung out.

'The bones in his right arm have been turned to mush and the deltoid muscle in his right shoulder is completely unraveled, as if his muscles are a thing of noodles softening and breaking up in a bowl of bloody water,' the man assessed the body of his defeated brother.

Ruko's lips twitched as his eyes lightened up when he saw his older brother kneel down to check on his tattered body. No matter how hard he tried to speak his mind, the most Ruko managed were a few tears and pitiful whimpers.

"For a 1st-Class student to be able to do this to someone who ranked up to a 2nd-Class student on his first attempt... Get a healer here immediately!"

'So this is how those parents felt, huh,' the man thought to himself, his chest tightening up with grief and anger.

While his younger brother Ruko is practically fine everywhere else on his body, its unlikely that the low-level healing magic and primitive diagnosis skills available nearby will be able to repair and assess his right arm to a fully-functional level. Even if the man could somehow get someone with decent healing magic to the school in time, there is no way his mind and body will forget what happened today in this hall.


The hall was filled with an oppressive aura as a crazed look filled the eyes of the man. A few people fell to the ground in fear, while some others shuffled away silently into one of their friend dorm rooms located within the hall. Although the man expected this, it still caused his body to shake in anger as he looked around the room in search of someone who would answer his question.

His eyes landed on a familiar face, so he looked deep into the eyes of the person that previously referred to him as sir, forcing them to speak up about what they heard and saw, "W-well, he kinda just said that he was heading to breakfast with his friends, then he, well he walked off."

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》