Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
11 Heading to Breakfast 1
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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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11 Heading to Breakfast 1

[Time Management - 1 : First Opportunity (Summary of Student Itinerary)]

[This is the month of Lax, otherwise known as August, and the day is the 19th.]

[7 minutes have passed on this planet since being summoned, so the time is now 6:27 AM, breakfast starts in about 3 minutes.]

[From 6:30 AM to 8:00 AM, students are expected to prepare for their first school day : eat, shower, get dressed, and look over their schedules.]

[This is the hot season, so make sure to wipe yourself down well after showering in order to avoid the negative effects of sweating.]

The moment I was returned to my room after being summoned by the gentle woman, I was greeted by a message from the system. My newly acquired perk, Time Management, made its presence and usefulness known.

'So, only several minutes passed here while I had been in the other world for hours?' I made a mental note of the potential for such a time difference.

Putting the time difference aside, we've got about an hour and a half to get ready for school. Asuna's golden hair was still sprawled across the bed and her beautiful azure eyes gleamed towards me as they slowly blinked open. I couldn't resist the urge to cup her face with my tiny hands, causing her fluffy ears to flick adorably above her cute little head. I could practically feel the heat spread through her cheeks and into my hands as her face flushed. Continuing to relish my healthy dose of Asuna's cuteness, I lifted up my hands to play with her rapidly twitching ears.

"W-w-what arrrre you doing meow~?!" Asuna rolled over her r's purring as she was overwhelmed by my sudden assault.

As a demi-human myself, I recognize the sensitivity of our ears. That is exactly why it is the best place to attack when trying to draw out as much cuteness as you can.

"Hrm..." Erin groaned.

Of course, her cute protests also work as a method to wake-up Erin.

[The time is 6:47 AM.]

On the bed, melted into a pile of yellow fluff and white frills, laid Asuna.

"Whoops, it looks like I did teased her for a good bit, huh..."

"Hell yeah, you did," Erin said groggily as he attempted to stretch out his weariness on the hard wood floors of the dorm room.

"Hey, c'mon, we gotta go eat and get ready," I said as I shook Asuna.

"Mr-mrrrow~," Asuna meowed, clearly not in the condition to leave the room on her own.

'Man, I don't wanna end up having to carry her all the way to the mess hall...'

Erin seemed to have read my thoughts as he gave me a thumbs up saying, "Go ahead, we will catch up with you when she is... back to normal."

"Thanks, I guess I'm heading to breakfast," I left Erin with words of gratitude as I made my way out of the one bed dorm room.

I slipped on a bland black pair of shoes, then put on the [Rogue's Formal Pants], with the Dusk Tamer hooked into its belt loop by the hilt, along with the [Rogue's Formal Shirt]. Apparently, besides supposedly being made of a very strong material, these garments also wash themselves. That way, I don't have to worry about stinking them up before I get into the shower. Just before I left the room, I decided to look back one more time at the scene of Erin trying to coax the golden cutie to stand up. With a smile on my face, I turned the knob then stepped out into the hall.

What greeted me was a long hall way filled with chatting students leading all the way to the mess hall at the end of the wing. These students ranged all the way from shy young new arrivals to bold adolescent seniors. I was slowly making my way through the crowd of students before a brown-haired person bumped into sending them stumbling back onto the ground. I had turned expecting this brown-haired person to be new like me because how easily they fell down, but they were actually one of my seniors!

"What where you are going you little fucking brat!" spit flew from the buff seniors lips as he stood up to glare at me with his dark brown eyes.

Many curious gazes turned towards the commotion in the hall.

Sighs spread throughout the hall as I overheard someone say, "Roku is at it again, huh? This kid is out of luck. I've heard that Roku ranked up to the 2nd year classes on his first attempt at the physical rank up exam, and with a perfect score at that!"

"Well, if that's true, how'd he just get knocked over by just brushing past a 1st year...?"

"What? You were the one that bumped into me retard," I said as heat began to course through my body.

Gasps escaped from the crowd as many people whispered things like, "He really fucked up now," and, "Who does this kid think he is?"

"Huh?! Fucking twerp better learn some fucking manners-" Roku's words were cut off midway.

He reached out the grab me with his right arm, his arm vibrated and twisted around using a weird technique that would've been hard to follow for most people, but it was almost as if he was in slow motion, because by the time his arm came close to my body my left arm had already replicated the same elusive movement.

[Would you like to use the skill \u003cReplicate Lv. 1\u003e for the first time? YES/NO]


[Your skill \u003cReplicate\u003e was successful : Gained the skill(s) \u003cTuranian Gale Grasp Lv. 1\u003e!]

Vibrating back and forth at a blurring speed, my left arm began to twist his hand backwards. A look of shock appeared on his face as I easily overpowered him, but it is only to be expected considering I have the stats of a person at around level 50. Unable to bear the pain of a lesser form of his own technique, his seemingly tall stature fell below my modest three feet.

[You've performed a feat of strength : Gained the skill(s) \u003cHand-to-Hand Combat Lvl.1\u003e!]

"I would've asked if you were alright and helped you up since it was an accident, but I can't stand a pretentious senior trying to act like his lame ass falling on the ground is somehow the fault of his underclassman," for some reason, a voice far more intimidating than my normal high-pitched tone escaped my lips.

Rotating my body towards the back right side of his body, I yanked his right arm as hard as I could while also vibrating it at a speed difficult to see, but still very much discernable. A loud popping and crackling sound could be heard throughout the hall as the sound of his muscles and tendons being torn and ripped from his bones like the skin off of a chicken wing silenced all of the chatter throughout the room.

[Personal Status Menu]

Name : Ruto

Race : Demi-Human (Fox-Wolf)

Age : 5

Level : 16

Money : 500 P | 0G | 0S | 0B

Title(s) : [Pitiful Creature] [Blessed]

[Orphan] [Impossible Growth]

Soul : Morphing-Class (Mutated)

Title(s) :

[Pitiful Creature] [Blessed]

[Orphan] [Impossible Growth]

Title Effects -


+2 To All Stats Per LVL

[Impossible Growth]

Skills are easier to obtain/level.


Relationships are easily formed. (+??? Charm, Hidden Effects)

[Pitiful Creature]

Effects Hidden.

Class :


Stats :

Strength/Vitality - 144 (+3)

Agility/Dexterity - 144 (+5)

Intelligence/Wisdom - 64 (+37)

Charm - 26 (+???)

Skills/Perks :

[Time Management-1] [Relationships-1]

\u003cEnhanced Hearing (Passive)\u003e

\u003cTuranian Language MAX (Pas.)\u003e

\u003cObserve (Pas.)\u003e


\u003cReplicate/Modify Lv. 1\u003e

\u003cInterpret Lv. 8 (+35 INT)\u003e

\u003cTuranian Gale Grasp Lv. 1\u003e

\u003cHand-to-Hand Combat Lv. 1\u003e

(???'s Begone!)

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》