Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
8 Exploring : My Goal? 1
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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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8 Exploring : My Goal? 1

[Name: Ruto (Shiro)]

[Class: None]

'Well... I don't really need to worry about my class right now. I dunno what I wanna do anyways. '

[Name: Ruto (Shiro)]

[Name: ...(Shiro)]

[Name: ...]

To be able to will this information to appear is very empowering.

'And I only desire more. If I'm not careful, I might get lost in it.'

My thoughts are broken by the rustling of bed sheets, and the slight movement of two little bodies. I couldn't help but smile while looking at the resting faces. I tangled my fingers in Asuna's golden hair, and gazed at Erin's gentle face. Looking around the room, I see the golden hue of the morning sun break into the room through a slightly open window. We were in the room assigned to us three, as Tyr decided we would be an official party in the future anyways.

'I won't get lost in something like desire... I do not want to lose these two.'

After orientation, I had a serious talk with myself. There is a lot of talk about power, and its growth, but do I really need to progress on the path of power? While I do not know why someone needs power, I have decided I'll be fine doing anything, as long as it is with or for these two...

I was lost in the drowsy atmosphere, when the following messages spread across my vision, and played through my mind:

[Sufficient data compiled. System-Build Access altered: 0.1% -\u003e 0.3%]

[Unlocking: Achievement System 2.0, System-Provided Perks, System Diagnostics, System Recommendations.]

[Yo$(-# --- You've begun to become more aware of your 'precious' bonds. \u003cRelationships-1\u003e is now accessible! As you gain a cle$-$7 --- clearer goal for the future, more functions to assist your growth will become known to you.]

'Huh? Why is it spazzing like that?'

'Now this is odd. The system has never talked to me this directly, and what the hell is a perk...?'

'Is this thing evolving?'

Thought after thought flashed through my mind before the system answered in a similarly direct fashion,

[Correct. You are the sole player possessing access to un---unreleased builds, and have gained many add-ons to reward you for participating as a tester. Perks are one of the additions, along with exclusive title acquisition system for you and your companions.]

'Player is an odd way to address me...'

[It is the default term used to address reincarnations sheltered by the core-system.]

'Reincarnations? So... this really isn't my world. '


I silently sighed, something in me slumped over in defeat. I don't really understand why, but I can only appreciate that I am with these two even more...

[But it could be 'your' world.]

'What do you mean? '

[You have not met the requirements to access this information.]

'Well... why bring it up? What should I be doing...? '

[The system recommends you to explore your new perk and unused skills on your own time, while focusing on your education. This will assist you in your current goal to enjoy life with you friends, and help you adapt to any future changes in goals.]

[However, how you proceed is your decision. Your sponsor called for your summons during the orientation, but the system believed it to be detrimental to be unable to meet Tyr, so the summon was denied automatically. Would you like to request a summons? ]

It seems I would be able to see that pointed-ear beauty once more. Of course, I had been hoping to meet her again. One, because I still have a few questions about our relationship. Also, because I am missing something she said I'd receive when I woke up...

'Yes,' I told the system my answer in my mind.

And for me and my party's sake, I want to know my place in the world, and more about how it works.

[Request sent... Accepted!]

[Please prepare. Player will fall unconscious during the summon. ]

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》