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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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'Huh... where am I?' I probed my memory to see if I could remember where this place is.

I had lost consciousness, and just now regained it, only to be met with a sight I don't recognize. A vast open field was spread out before me, and scattered about were many flowers, all of varying colors like red, white, violet, rainbow. I had pulled myself up into a sitting position before I realized what I had just observed.

'Wait, rainbow?' As if to tell me to stop being shocked, the ding of a notification caught my attention.

[You've been successfully summoned by your sponsor!]

'Sponsor?' I questioned my memories.

'OH! I do remember seeing something along the lines of a sponsor before I passed out... what it is a sponsor?'

"A sponsor is someone very powerful who has become interested in, or has already been intertwined with, your fate. Due to their interest, they either want to simply help you out a bit, or take on the task of properly guiding you through your life." A feminine voice answered my thoughts, but I couldn't tell from where.

'Huh? I must be going insane...' I attempted to rationalize hearing a voice with the possible onset of insanity.

"You are not going insane, I simply answered your thoughts."The feminine voice sounded out once again, but this time I could tell it was coming from behind.

I suddenly stood-up, then turned to look up at whoever was behind me. What greeted me when I looked up was the most gentle and dazzling beauty I've seen, although the only beauties I've seen are Asuna, Nana, and a couple of "street-girls." The woman had the voice of a maiden, the lips and hips only a dream can produce, the pale skin of deafening purity and silent desire, and the eyes that seemed to be a lush green forest captured inside of two shimmering crystals. Her golden hair, which flowed over her pointed ears, reached from what seemed to be a about a modest five feet of height, all the way to the flower littered ground. And she answered my thoughts like a scholar-

"WAIT YOU CAN READ MY THOUGHTS? Hold up... nono, that isn't the most important question. Who are you, and where am I?" I lost my cool for a moment, but quickly collected myself.

This may be a bit of a ridiculous situation, but losing my cool will do me no good. She must be a goddess, or this has to be a dream, as those are the only viable explanations for this situation.

"Oh, you don't remember me? Well... my name will do you no good, but just know I will be guiding you and mentoring you from here on. As for this place, this is one of my worlds, Toruna. I'll stop reading your thoughts for now, so just talk out loud to me." She once again answered my questions.

"We know each other?" I asked, 'I really don't think I would forget meeting a beauty like her. If my body was more developed I'd...' I sleazily thought to myself.

"Yes...but it doesn't really matter now. Perhaps I could... No, I'll tell you at a later date, I'm sorry." She replied, and it was obvious she was having an internal debate as to whether she should tell me or not, but as she said it probably doesn't matter.

'I'll just drop that subject then...'

"And... what did you mean when you said this is one of your worlds?" I said, while thinking she must really be a goddess.

Immediately after asking this, my vision momentarily went black, obscuring her from view, before it once again returned to normal, allowing me to view her once more.

"Ah... it seems the time for the first summon is already over. I'm sorry I can't explain more to you, but next time I promise we'll have more time." She hurried her words as she gave me another lacking and rushed explanation.

'Is there a reason she isn't telling me too much?'

"I'm truly sorry Shir-, Ruto. Please do be safe... and make sure to put the information and title you'll receive once you wake up to good use." She apologized to me once more, then said a few more things that didn't make much sense to me.

'She knows my old name?! Even I only knew very few things about the old me, and some random woman or goddess knows my old name?'

I would've asked more, I really would have, but my vision was once again enveloped in darkness, and my mind felt groggy... damn.

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》