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Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy
Author :OmegaChr1s
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[ Asuna's POV : Outside of a Changing Room. ]

'Hehe, I'm so glad I went all-out on our clothes!' I can't help giggling like this to myself!

I mean, I did such a good job picking out our clothes after all, even though I did have to ask the old cashier to help me choose, and all of our clothes fit together well! Ruto has always liked hoods, he said it helped during his sword fights with Erin because Erin couldn't see where Ruto was aiming to swing. So, I got him a black collared shirt with a golden dragon-pin on the cuffs and white accents decorating the cuffs and collar, which was called [Rogue's Formal Shirt]. It probably got its name because it has a magical hood that can only be seen when the wearer wants it to be seen, and it is made of strong 'stuff'. I also picked him out a pair of pants called [Rogue's Formal Pants], which looked like a normal thing of black dress-pants, but it is also apparently made out of super strong 'stuff', along with the accessories and foot-wear of the [Rogue's Formal] set.

Erin got a similar outfit, but his shirt was white with black accents and had a pin of an owl. However, he also had an invisible hood on his shirt, and it was called [Mage's Formal Shirt]. His pants, [Mage's Formal Pants], where similarly inverted like his shirt. He also got the accessories and foot-wear of the [Mage's Formal] set. And now for mine.

I got a surprisingly bubbly white and black dress. Despite to mellow color scheme, it was surprisingly cute and bubbly. The base color of the dress was white, while black vines climbed up the skirt of the dress. Magical add-ons gave it the ability to emit light depending on the will of the wearer, and it had the hidden hood. The dress was called [Support's Formal Dress].

Ruto said, "The old man who picked these out may have been hinting at something," but what could that mean? That old cashier just helped me pick them out... hmph.

[ Ruto's POV : Outside of a Changing Room. ]

'Maybe that old man was a veteran...' I silently thought to myself.

'I mean, I'm pretty sure he just foreshadowed every role in our party of three...'

'Everything has been giving me a headache lately. I'll just leave thinking about this for later...' I said as I spun a dagger between my fingers.

Oh yeah. I guess I forgot to say that, when unfolding my clothes, I found a dagger. I guess I should use \u003cObserve\u003e.

[Attempting to use \u003cObserve\u003e on an Unidentified Dagger... object resisted.]

[Try Again? YES/NO]

'Huh? Wait... things can resist my \u003cObserve\u003e skill? Well, I guess it would be a little ridiculous if I could use it on people many levels and ranks higher than me, so it its good that I found out now.' I eventually reached a logical explanation, then decided to try again.

[Trying Again.... Success!]

[Would you like to bring up the information? YES/NO]

'[YES]' I chose in my head.

[Object Inspection Menu]

Name : Dusk Tamer

Class Type : None (AGI/DEX Class Recommended)

Rarity : Priceless (Divine Existence)

Description: The 7th apostle of the God of Smithing's first weapon. Despite it being their first creation, they were able to obtain attribute bonuses higher than 2, and hidden bonuses aswell.

Attributes :

STR/VIT : + 3

AGI/DEX : + 5(?)

INT/WIS : + 2


[Congratulations! You are now an owner of a divine priceless object.]

[You've been sponsored! You have been gifted : Title(s), Soul Info, Weapon Info]

'Sponsored...?' As I read through the last notification, a blinding pain went through my head, then my vision faded into a hungry darkness that ate away at my consciousness...

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    《Reincarnated! The Blind and Deaf Boy》