Reincarnate The Demon Slayer
1 Before Reincarnate To New World 18+ Re-Write
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Reincarnate The Demon Slayer
Author :Babiel_
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1 Before Reincarnate To New World 18+ Re-Write

While walking down the dark road, Kai tries to return home from the casino. When he passed a dark field, Kai saw two men trying to **** a woman.

Kai takes a swordplay, Kai quickly approaches them. "Baakk! Buukk!" Kai smiled wickedly as he threw a punch at the two men right behind their necks which made them faint instantly. After Kai finished off the two men he saw a woman around her age crying.

"Are you okay?" Kai said while looking at the girl with a worried face. The girl tried to open her eyes after she heard a different sound from the voices of two people who tried to **** her. When she opened her eyes, she was suddenly shocked by the sight she saw. She saw two people who tried to **** her. After she opens her eyes wide she sees a handsome man around his age who saves her, she tries to stand up and tries to stop her crying.

"Sob-sob, Thank you, I'm fine" said the girl shaking her head while wiping her tears. "Luckily you're okay" Kai said, throwing a sweet smile at her.

"Will you go to my house first to calm down? If you continue to roam around like this, maybe you will get something like that. You don't need to be afraid if I do something to you, because I live with my sister and my mother." Kai tried to calm herself down

"No need to bother I can go home" The woman tried to refuse well. "It's not a hassle, my mother actually likes to have guests, but if you don't want it it's fine too" Kai tried to persuade him with his handsome face.

The woman became shy because she saw Kai's handsome face "Umm alright I'll come to your house" said the woman trying to trust Kai words. Kai held her hand, Kai felt the softness and warmth in the woman's hand that was the same as his sister "Okay, my house is close to here" Kai tried to speak to the woman, and face that girl turned to shyly because his hand was being held by Kai.

On the way to Kai house, Kai and the woman chat for a while and find out that the woman is named Mai Sizune. Kai also knew Mak was actually in one school with Kazumi, Kai didn't tell Mai that his sister was in school with his sister.

After long talking Kai saw the lights of his house still burning, Kai assumed his sister and his mother were waiting for him because they told them he would go home now.

Kai tried to approach the door of his house and pressed the bell "Ting! Tung!" Not long after the door of his house opened Kau saw an old woman who has 39 years of age but has an amazingly sexy body posture and has a beautiful face "Hi mom, why do not sleep, if you get sick what should if?". Kai said to her mother in a worried voice.

"How come Kai, and who are you," Yumiko Glancing at Mai who was behind him. "That's my friend, I met she when I was on the road so I just invited here. Because I know mom must have a big meal every time I go home" Kai kissed Yumiko's cheek. Then Kai looked back and told Mai to introduce herself to Yumiko.

After Mai introduce herself to Yumiko, they went inside with Kai for dinner. After seeing Kai's splendor from outside he still felt nervous, fighting his nervousness Mai walked over to Kai and whispered to him "Is it okay for me to eat together with your family?" Then Mai lowered her head. Kai turned to Mai and whispered in his ear "It's okay, don't be embarrassed and nervous like that" Kai then held Mai cheeks and raised his head which pointed towards Kai distance. Then Kai giving smile sweetly to Mai, she face returned to blush again.

After entering the dining room Kai looked around and felt memories with his sister and mother. Kai feels strange because only 5 days he left this place to find money at the casino.

"Hey Kai so you've come home now huh"
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    《Reincarnate The Demon Slayer》