Primordial King
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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"Why should we trust this guy, we don't even know him," a man in his forty screamed.

"We have no other choice, but to trust him, he did fall from the sky," Mariya argued.

The temperature was rising and the adults were all angry or either too scared to say anything. The room was circular with light coming from the roof. The stone walls looked clearly about a hundred years and all the seats were partially ripped. In front of me was a huge round table and all outside it were men sitting on the table.

The only women in sight were Mariya.

"OK I admit, falling from the sky is quite an impressive achievement, but it doesn't prove that we should trust him," a bearded man said.

"I agree, but first we should check his stats, if he is true, strong enough, then we can make further decisions," a wise looking man said.

There were a shuffle and murmur of agreement.

"I shall check his stats," a young man said standing up.

The man was about 16 and had white hair. His eyes were deep blue, and his clothing was clearly of those rich people. The other people in the room wore the same type of clothing. A shirt, and normal pants that were made from wool.

This man was wearing stuff that was made from pure silk.

He walked towards me, from the right and smiled. I stood up to face him.

"My name is Shin, your name is Izanagi right?" he questioned.

I gave him a basic nod.

He looked down at my clothes and his face was quite surprised. Oh yes! My clothes that I were wearing costed more than his entire family. The ceremonial clothes I was wearing looked much more expensive than Mr. Shin.

"Your clothes are quite the fancy," he said forcing himself to be smiling.

Mariya was staring at me and Shin talking, and I could see she was worried about something.

He gestured me to raise my hands, and I did so. He took my hands and covered it with his cold white hands. He started murmuring before something unexpected happened.

Shin started screaming, and released my hand instantly, and fell to the floor continuing to scream. All the adults in the room stood up appalled. Even Mariya stood up looking me with her eyes that were as wide as the ocean itself.

It took a while for the adults to start moving. The first man to move was the man with a beard, and he jumped on top of the table to help him. Right after him, three more people got up. Out of the nine people, four started helping Shin, the others were too stunned to do anything.

The four men had previously given me intimidating looks, but now those looks were nothing other than crying for mercy. Shin cried the entire time and kept on moving his body like he had seizures until he was led outside the room.

There where five people now in the room. Four of them were shocked at what had just happened, and one was standing as if nothing happened.

"OK, Izanagi was it," the wise man managed.

"Yes my name is Izanagi," I replied.

Hearing my voice everybody flinched except me, Mariya, and the wise man.

"Please help us, Lord Izanagi," the old wise man pleaded.

Once again I gave a simple nod.

All the men except one walked outside the room. Every single one of them ignored my gaze.

"Hello my name is Tiberius," the wise man told me, he was left with me and Mariya in the room.

"You probably know my name already," I told him.

He laughed.

"Of course, after what you have done, its a matter of time before the city knows you,"

Tiberius indicated towards the door as if he wanted us to leave, in a polite way. I walked out the door with Mariya right behind me.

Outside the room was a hallway that was around ten feet wide, and had nothing in it. It was just a plane hallway that was made of stone. It did have a couple of windows and curtains, but they were small enough to be ignored. The area was more of a prison hallway then a basic hallway.

The door shut behind me, and I looked behind. Tiberius locked the door and started walking, he used his fingers to make us follow him.

"Our city has been forced tax by the neighboring capital, which you probably knew," Tiberius started.

"This is making a lot of our people suffer," Tiberius went on.

"Thats not all every now and then, they pick up our children, they are never seen again, rumors say that they use our kids to study anatomy," Tiberius said disgustedly.

I looked at Mariya, and she gave me a sad nod.

"My father, tried to protect some kids from being taken, and he got taken too," she said with small tears coming.

Tiberius who stood between me and Mariya tapped Mariya gently on the shoulder.

"You mustn't cry child," Tiberius whispered.

"Anyway you must be extremely tired after your long day Lord Izanagi, Mariya will lead you to your room," Tiberius concluded.

Tiberius turned around and walked backward. I started following him but Mariya tapped my shoulder to show that we were supposed to go opposite ways.

We walked in silence, and she turned suddenly to a door. The door was about two feet taller than me. She pointed at the door and said.

"This is your room, and please don't run away this time,"

"Won't I get a key, I mean I do need privacy," I complained.

Mariya gave her a cheerful laugh, before turning serious.

"Sorry, our neighbors want 24/7 room control," she interpreted.

She suddenly leaned to my ear.

"Thankyou Izanagi," she whispered.

Mariya ran down the hallway before I could react.

I wanted to chase her, and say your welcome, but decided not to. I opened the door.

My new room wasn't that impressive. It was better than the shack from Ptolemy at least.

The room boasted a single bed with red covers and a single pillow. Located beside the bed was a small table with a wooden chair. It was probably for studying. The room also had a large carpet underneath, and a mirror that was randomly on the wall. Right beside the bed was a large window. The window had nothing to show because on the other side was just another grey wall.

Closing the door, I tried taking my clothes off but it just won't come off. I raised my hands in defeat and walked fully into the room. I looked and the mirror. My face had changed, but not to the point where I was unrecognizable. I looked beautiful. I looked very close to Perfect face.

I walked to the bed and jumped on it. Why had Shin acted so weird all of the sudden?

"Hey Ako you there?" I thought.

"Im always here, what do you want," she replied.

"Do you know why Shin acted the way he did?" I interrogated.

"He was surprised of your stats," she answered.

"Stats? How do I check my own Stats," I quickly asked.

"Il let you see it if you want," Ako said.

"YES LET ME SEE," I yelled.

There was a clicking sound and there were words in my eyes. Well, they weren't in my eyes they were just in front of it. Surprisingly the written words, seemed quite familiar, even though I could swear I never learned them.

It read:



HP: 50000000









SKILLS: ????


"I like everything except for the Intelligence," I told Ako.

"I think it's pretty accurate," she said.

Screw you. Now that im thinking about it I don't really feel anything. I don't feel sadness, I don't feel sleepy, I don't even feel hungry anymore.

I got up from my bed and looked at the mirror that was located across the bed.

"Was I the same person I was before?"
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    《Primordial King》