Primordial King
18 What it takes to be a King
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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18 What it takes to be a King

A king needs three things to be a true king. Leadership, Power, and Intelligence. Izanami had only one of the three things, and that was power. Power leads to intimidation, which leads to leadership if you have enough power you don't even need intelligence.

Izanami knew that he was at the top, his people wouldn't look him in the eye. Overthrowing is a very common concept in every empire and kingdom, but it is never possible in Izanami's kingdom. There are only two people that are stronger than him and he is sure that they no longer exist.


I was sitting in a cafeteria with Mariya. It was empty, with only three people. The waiter, Mariya, and myself. It was not your average shop it was the type that was for rich people. The waiter came to me and asked, what every waiter asks.

"Sir, what would you like?" he asked me.

"What do you have thats good? Im feeling something light right now," I told him.

"Is coffee good for you?" he beseeched in a desperate voice.

"Sure," I said simply.

The waiter looked pretty desperate for us to buy something. His shop was probably not running well.

"I would like the berry fusion smoothie," said Mariya.

The waiter noted her and my order and then walked away, with a huge smile. Right after the waiter was no longer in sight Mariya started speaking to me.

"So tell me why you left?"

"It is none of your business," I said simply.

"Oh it very well is, we took you in and you just run without telling anybody," she yelled.

"Ok calm down, its best this way, don't get involved with me," I declared.

Mariya took a deep breath, trying to console her anger.

"Please, just tell me," she pleaded.

Her pleading made me flinch, I could even sense Ako giggling in my head. I did not know what to say. Should I tell her? I decided to do so, that was the only option.

"Have you ever heard of the Universal Family?" I asked.

"Oh yes who has not? They are said to be extremely strong, and they rule the universe and the gods," she said.

"Yes and Im part of that family," I said.

"Im not in the mood of jokes," she laughed.

"Im telling the truth," I frowned.

"Izanagi was your name, and there is no one named that in that family," she exclaimed.

"Fine then name them," I challenged.

"Raijin Miyazaki, Olympius Miyazaki, and Izanami Miyazaki," she declared.

"You're forgetting one person," I cried.

"Uh, no thats all of them," she said standing up.

I stood up too and trying to keep my anger inside myself.

"Excuse me?" a voice said.

Both me and Mariya turned around to see the waiter standing there with the coffee and smoothie. His entire body was shaking. Mariya and I sat down at the same time, and the waiter gave us our drinks as nothing happened.

My coffee was the same as any normal coffee, but Mariya's smoothie was different. It had every single color found in a rainbow.

"Anyway, keep on going on with your story," Mariya said.

"You know what I don't really want to tell you anymore," I declared.

"Suit yourself," Mariya said, sucking on the straw of her smoothie.

"Anyway tell me why you are here," I interrogated.

"Oh yes, I need you to do something for me," she demanded.


Izanami was standing in his throne, and looking up at the stars that were above him. He had only one thing that was in his head. Where was Izanagi?


I was walking with Mariya towards the town, which she said was pretty close. She had not told me what she wanted from me, she just said for me to follow her.

Sure enough, Mariya's town was right beside the one that I was previously in. I probably didn't notice the other town, because I had to run out of this town so fast.

I recognized the weak walls that were the same height as me that defended this town on only one side. The other side was completely left unguarded, the buildings were the type that would collapse at any moment. Poverty in Mariya's town went over the max.

Everywhere you look you would see people on the streets, and somewhere skinnier than a bamboo stick.

"All around us is poverty, you this right?" asked Mariya in a sad tone.

"Oh yes I see it all right," I replied.

"The reason this is happening is because of the bigger city," she explained.

"They are taxing us an enormous amount so they can keep their own economy moving," she interpreted.

"They increased it even more, after the capital of this country, Canard mysteriously went off the map, no sign of any life," she went on.

"What does this have to do with me?" I questioned.

"We helped you when you fell from the sky, now it's your time to give something to us," Mariya winked.

The poverty raising in this city was purely my fault, I realized. If only I had not destroyed Canard this wouldn't have happened. At the same time, I hated those stares from the citizens there. I decided to keep the Canard incident a secret.


Izanami stood up from his throne and put on his battle clothes. He decided that he should go to Izanagi, rather than him coming to meet Izanami. He called his army, which assembled pretty fast, and then they started the march.


I found myself in a huge room with around forty adult men glaring daggers at me like I had murdered their entire family except them. Mariya was sitting beside me, and even she looked nervous. Her father was nowhere in sight.

This was going to be a long day.
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    《Primordial King》