Primordial King
16 Revenge
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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16 Revenge

"Ako teleport me into the throne room," I asked. Instantly I found myself standing in front of the queen. Her eyes were horrified as she looked at me. "Wait for what?" she asked appalled. I moved my pointer finger to my lips and told her to be quiet. Surprisingly she turned quiet.

"How are you still alive, we cut you clean," she said stumbling. "Let's just say I get lucky," I replied. I started walking towards the thrown. All of the soldiers took steps back in horror. Some of their faces were also recognizable. "WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN THIS," the princess screamed. I stared at her, almost laughing.

So she is desperate to live on, I guess I give her a chance. I nodded my head for her to talk. The princess showed some relief and began to speak. "The reason we did that to you is, that you killed Caesarion, our enemies trump card, we thought that if we killed you we would win the war," she said taking a deep breath.

"Then what does Ptolemy have to do with this," I demanded. "He gave the idea to do this, and brought you to the outpost," she replied. I sighed. "If I can't receive happiness, then why can you?" I told her. At exactly that moment the city of Canard was nothing but a large hole.


It had been four hours since I told Ako to but Canard in the ruins. Almost instantly I remembered something and cast a spell. "Ako, find Ptolemy," I asked her. It took an entire second before she found her. "Teleport me to him," I told her. Instantly I found myself in front of a shack. It was made of nice wood, or at least at one time, it was nice wood. Now it was a backdated ordinary shack.

I looked around for Ptolemy and couldn't see him. "Ako bring Ptolemy here," I asked. "Granted," she said. There was a sudden popping noise and there was a huge man standing in front of me. He looked at me in horror and astonishment. "Ako torture him for a trillion years and then kill him," I commanded. "Yes, Master," Ako laughed.

A gate rose up from the ground, chained Ptolemy before he could speak and then sucked him in. It was all over now. I had basically done everything I wanted. Suddenly I had an idea. "Ako, bring my parents back," I asked her.

"Very well, she said, but I cannot tell you where they will spawn, that would be a violation of the rule set by Lord Tartarus," she answered. "Tartarus?" I asked her. "Yes Tartarus, the lord of the dead, the god of all life," she said. "He sounds interesting," I told her. "Well he is your sworn enemy but we should not be saying his name it makes him stronger," she replied.

"Fine then, I need to ask you something," I told Ako. "I already know what it is," she said. "Ok then tell me what was I about to ask?" I challenged. "You were about to ask if you had enough power to defeat your brother," she said laughing. I blinked my eyes in astonishment. "That is what I was about to ask, so can I?" I questioned. "You can't you need more power," she answered.

"Then give me, everything I need to get stronger," I demanded. "You just need one thing, and that is getting more power into you, I can let that happen, but by doing so you will sacrifice your physical form," she said. "Or you can get stronger as time passes," she quickly added. "I think il stay with the second option for now," I concluded.

After the last answer, there came an extremely long silence. It wasn't exactly awkward, because Ako was part of me. I lay down in the soft gentle grass staring at the sky. The breeze hit my cheeks. What was I supposed to do now?

I had finished everything I had to or wanted to. A light bulb lit up in my head. "Ako can you contact me with Cason Mason," I asked Ako. "Contact error: Person can't be found," she answered. I sighed in disappointment. Oh right, Cason wanted me to get rid of the thing he called Typhoon.

I hadn't thought about Typhoon, but I asked Ako if she knew anything. "Typhoon the king of Monsters, and the son of Tartarus himself, he is incredibly strong and is strong enough to kill gods," she said. I nodded.

It would be fun to beat this "king of monsters." I decided to keep that thought aside, till when I felt like it. If I killed Typhoon now, my new life would be boring. I looked up at Ptolemy's shack and laughed that he no longer was there anymore.

I decided to be more social rather than staying anonymous, so I asked Ako to teleport me to a city. A gust of gold dust surrounded me and a large pop noise came out. I found myself standing in front of a 60 feet gate. The gate was bigger than of Canard, and clearly showed the might of this city.

I walked in, and the four soldiers that guarded the gate ignored me. This city in the inside looked less populated than Canard. Unlike Canard, this one actually had some trees growing inside it. The people here were very diverse in terms of looks. There were people with fox ears, tails, bunny ears, and there were people that were humans.

There were big posters everywhere as well. "Demon King wins the war against humans!" were everywhere in bold letters. The city had a huge Castle, this design was the same as Canard, but the castle here is bigger.

The poverty level was much less than Canard, everybody here wore something nice. Then I noticed something that I probably should have ignored. I saw a girl with crimson red hair, that looked very familiar. She looked at me and I looked back at her. She was the girl that took me into her house when I fell from the sky.
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    《Primordial King》