Primordial King
15 Primordial Chaos Reborn
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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15 Primordial Chaos Reborn

When I opened my eyes I saw a huge hole and I was standing in the middle of it. It looked like it was going on for miles. I looked down to my hands and saw a golden aura that surrounded it. I quickly looked around my body and it was covered in golden fire. I looked down at my clothes it had changed. Right now I was wearing a type of Ceremonial Clothes with a golden chain around my neck. There was also a cape that reached down from my hips and led nearly all the way to the ground.

The space around me held the huge hold where I stood in the middle, and some vegetation, right beside the big hole. Suggesting this was a flat plain that held only grass and some trees.

A mind suddenly spoke in my head. "Hello Master," a woman like voice said. The same girl spoke in a louder voice. "REBOOTING POWER, POWER LEVEL 1%," the women said. Suddenly, I started to feel my body heat up again. "No stop; this pinches," I told the women. "Yes Master, stopping power at 1%," she replied. The fire stayed but my body no longer started getting hotter.

I quickly verified if anybody was around me, surprisingly there was nobody there. "Who are you," I asked my mind. "My name is Aiko, and I was made by you to help you control your strength," the women said happily. "OK then Aiko to me a favor, and tell me where I am," I asked Aiko. There was an awkward pause, but I found out that she was actually trying to find out where I was.

"Location: Unknown," Aiko told me sadly. Oh well, I just keep walking till I find something. I walked towards the sun that was rising to the top of the sky. I remembered Ptolemy and the princess. I had to finish them.


Cason Mason was looking down at his own universe, thinking one thing. "Was it a good idea to put Primordial Chaos into his dimension?" He had to keep him in check, but putting him in it was hard work. If Primordial Chaos was reborn in the original world all his memories would reach him, and he would get stronger. Cason Mason could not let that happen.


Izanami couldn't just sit there anymore, he had to find his brother. The stars were also reacting very unusual. He knew something was wrong.


Jupiter walked in his evergreen garden that he had created a millennia ago. Time flies by fast he thought. He remembered what Prometheus had yelled in the throne room. It angered him, but it also worried him. Why would a GOD be scared of a mere human? Jupiter had talked with Kronos the god of death and told him to keep an eye on the boy name Izanagi.

Almost right after he had thought that a man in full black only revealing his face, which was a skull and into his garden. His face showed no emotion because it was a skull, but you could usually tell by the way he was holding his scythe. Jupiter instantly knew what had happened and Kronos did not need to explain.

Something had gone wrong.


It had been around 10 minutes while I was talking with Ako. She knew everything and had answers to everything I wanted to know. "Why did my brother kill my family," I asked her. "Your brother wanted the throne," she answered. Her answers were quick and straightforward which made it much easier to understand.

There was only one question she could not answer, and that was their location. Other than that she knew everything. "Why did I become Primordial Chaos right now?" I asked. "Your life as Izanagi had ended which loosened the seal, and now your previous powers and memories will be returning with time," she replied. After that last question came to an awkward silence.

I and Ako were walking for about another 10 minutes at about the same speed as the clouds above us. Our surroundings were quite familiar. The good old flat plains with low lying grass, and every now and then you could see a tree.

I found myself walking up a small hill that held a huge view. I scanned my surroundings and saw something rather surprising. Around 800 meters away stood the 80-foot walls that belonged to the city that belonged to nonother than Canard. I couldn't help but laugh as I walked towards the mighty city.
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    《Primordial King》