Primordial King
14 Primordial Chaos
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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14 Primordial Chaos

After everything turned white, nothing happened for quite a while. It stayed extremely bright and I had to shut my eyes, as hard as I could. Finally, after a while, I saw something.

It was a girl, that looked a great deal like my brother, but had long hair. I tried waving out to her, but nothing happened, I realized I could not touch her. Suddenly a deep voice spoke behind me, I quickly looked and found nothing there. "This is your mother, Izanagi," Chaos said.

I looked at my mother, she did indeed look like my mother. The rose gold eyes, and the snow white skin definitely resembled her. "Let us go a bit into the future, these parts are boring," said Chaos. Almost instantly, a very fast vortex of white clouds surrounded me and sucked me up.

Two people were sitting in chairs that faced each other. The chairs were made of pure diamonds which was clearly visible. On one side, I recognized my father, and on the other was a man wearing a hood that completely shut his face out. The man radiated extreme energy that I could sense he was trying to hold back.

"Why have you come back?" my father asked. The man looked up, but his face was still not seen. "I believe you have seen the future," the man asked. Instantly I started asking myself if it was man or women. "I have and it seemed, quite surprising, but its none of your business," my father replied. The other person laughed.

"Izanami, your soon to be a child will be your regret, is who will kill you," the man said laughing. "I know already," my father said quickly. "You can't stop this fate, and you know that," the man said. "I was expecting this, nothing lasts forever, even immortals die," my father said. The man started giving an evil chuckle.

"The Etherion seal will help me lose my power, and I shall be rebirthed," the man said. My father looked at him as if he felt pity and anger. "Sorry I don't wish to be a babysitter," my father said holding back his anger. "Even though I am older than you?" the man said. My father raised his hands in defeat, his face showed anger now. "You will find my new body, and adopt me into your family, then I shall avenge you," commanded the man. My father stood up.

Everything turned dark again. Then almost instantly I stood in front of Primordial Chaos. "The person you called the man, is none other than yourself," Chaos told me. I stood there astonished. "There's no way, I was that guy," I argued. "Stop arguing, and accept your past self," Chaos finished, not wanting me to talk anymore. Suddenly I felt a pressure in my jaw and I wasn't able to open it. "You have died, and its time you have to take your power back," Chaos said. If I was Primordial Chaos then who was he? "I know what your thinking," Chaos told me. "You are Primordial Chaos, and I am your power who has been forced to evolve into being able to talk," Chaos explained.

"Its time you take your powers back," Chaos concluded. Almost instantly everything started going black. The colors started changing, and my body started heating up. The pains were just unbearable, and I just couldn't think properly. My body started ripping apart, I couldn't feel my hands, my nose started moving as if somebody was attempting to rip it off. The heat started raising, at an unbelievable pace. Suddenly, everything went off. The heat stopped but It felt like I had lost all my body.

A pretty recognizable scene played. It was my brother on his killing spree, killing everybody that came in his way. He was dancing and killing everybody that came in front of him. Anger rushed into me.

I started to feel my body coming into place. It was slow but it was coming together. Then for the first time in a while, I opened my eyes.
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    《Primordial King》