Primordial King
13 New Beginning
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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13 New Beginning

The guillotine fell, and this is how we got here.

----------------------------------- 14 QUADRILLION YEARS AGO ------------------------------------

"I can't handle this, the more I look at them, the more I want to become them!" It looked straight into its bare hands. "You have to do something Raijin, you must, you're the Universal King, I can't go on like this." Raijin looked at It and could feel nothing but pity. "Your the son of Cason Mason, himself, and this is what you wish to do with your life, you have eternity, just give it some thought," Raijin said.

"I see them, they are just so weak, I am becoming extremely jealous," It said. "I think strength is a blessing, but it's your choice," Raijin sighed. "Do you have any way to sealing that power of yours?" Raijin asked. "Yes, it's the Etherion Sealing Technique," It explained. "I understand what you are saying, that seal has enough power to take down even an omnipotent being, but with you it is debatable," Raijin told It. "I have found out, it will take an extremely long time, but I will receive a rebirth." It said.

"YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SEAL EVERYTHING, AFTER YOU DIE IN THAT BODY YOUR POWER WILL COME BACK, AND IT MULTIPLIES WHILE YOU DONT USE IT," Raijin screamed. "I have seen the future, this body I will get, will avenge you," It replied. "Wait what do you mean," Raijin was left unanswered, It had already left. Raijin started looking in the future and was surprised. He could see nothing, this was a sign that one of his family members were going to kill him, because the Universal family, moved in their own time-space.


Cason Mason was sitting in his throne and replaying Izanagi's execution. He kept on waiting, for Izanagi to awaken into his true form. At the same time, he was quite concerned about his own wellbeing. If the rumor is true, then Izanagi might have gotten unbelievably stronger, while he was sleeping. He also felt some pity for Izanagi. Raijin should have told him. Izanagi's body was not the same as his family members, it was normal, just like a normal human, and he just expected it to be the same as his family members. In reality, he was adopted.


Izanami was looking into the stars. He knew something was different about them, they were radiating a different kind of energy. Was it actually coming from the stars? Sebastien had left on a search for Izanagi and hadn't come back for quite a while. Izanami had this very weird feeling about Izanagi, something was definitely wrong.


All the gods were sitting in their circular room, with all their thrones. All of them looked normal except one. "Jupiter, I have been getting these weird vibes, for the past hour," Prometheus said. "What is it?" asked Jupiter looking at Prometheus. "Remember that kid that was executed by the princess from that dimension, yeah I have this weird feeling about him, we should have saved him," Prometheus replied. All the gods started giggling. "Don't worry about that chump, he can't do anything to us," exclaimed Jupiter.


If you ever saw a god rising, my rising was quite different. My true story starts from here, the ending and the beginning. After the guillotine dropped everything turned black, and for a long time, I felt nothing. Instantly, after that long time, I just appeared before a great big ghost looking thing. I had never seen it but it looked very similar. It took a while, but I realized who it was. Primordial Chaos.

There were chains as big as a cruise ship from the human world. Not one nor two, the number was near millions, and his body was big enough to fit that number. I also kept in my head to stay away from those chains, because even though I was dead, the amount of radiation coming from one of them, was probably enough to make even my father shake in fear. The radiation hurt my eyes, but now that I was dead, it really did not matter.

Why had I died? Those puny humans were able to kill me using a simple blade. Something was wrong, but I decided to think of that later.

Staying with the second strongest person who ever existed, was quite a boring thing. I did not know what to call it. Would it consider a man or women? I just took him as he, because It is technically both. He basically just stayed at the same place for almost eternity, just sealed up. Walking was nearly impossible, the chains were almost everywhere the surrounding me, and Primordial Chaos.

Suddenly a voice spoke in my mind. "Hello, Primordial Chaos," a very deep voice spoke. I quickly looked around to see who was talking, but there was nobody. I looked back at Primordial Chaos to see a huge eye, big enough to fit me looking at me. It made me flinch. The eye had many colors and was very similar to the stars you see in a clear night.

"Hello, my name is Izanagi," I said, hoping to find out where the voice came from. "Thats lies, you are Primordial Chaos," replied the voice. This time I was able to find out where it was coming from. It was coming from the gigantic sealed thing. Did this guy have a memory disorder? "Ok brother, YOU are Primordial Chaos, if I had a mirror I would show you," I argued. "Very well, if you don't believe me, then I have no choice, but to show you this," Primordial Chaos said. Before I knew it everything turned white.
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    《Primordial King》