Primordial King
12 Execution
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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12 Execution

"You are going to be executed," the queen replied with a small smile. I couldn't tell if she was serious, but the soldiers around me gave quick approval nods to support the queen. "I queen, Layla Feathering the second, will put you in execution," she said in a very calm voice. "You boy, tell me your name," she asked me, with a finger pointing to me. "My name is Izanagi Miyazaki," I replied. I still couldn't get my eyes off her, she looked like the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

She snorted when I said, Izanagi Miyazaki. "Izanagi Miyazaki, that rhymes." Even the soldiers chuckled at my name. I think it sounds cool, what's so funny? "You better watch your mouth, little women," I warned her. Instantly I knew that I had made a mistake. The queen's face turned bright red, and most of the soldiers flinched. A couple even took some steps back.

"Take this peasant back to his cell," the queen snarled. The soldiers took some time to react, but before I knew it I was locked up in a cell, it was not the same one as before, in fact, this cell was darker and colder than the one before.

My magic was still cut, I mean if I had it I wouldn't be here. The thing that just happened was mostly my fault, I mean it was me who insulted the queen. On a country that is most likely led by a monarch, you don't want to insult them. Now my execution was real. I was curious about what happened if they tried killing me because apparently my family could not get damaged unless the attacker is a member of my family.

I spent my time staring at the roof, it was so dark that I couldn't even see the roof. Finally about 10 hours of the same thing, the worse was about to happen, about fourteen soldiers walked into my room, with huge swords. Their eyes were throwing daggers at me as if I had done a major crime. They put a handcuff on me, and before I knew it I was getting dragged in the same hallway.

After a while, I had arrived in what looked like a huge door, not the one that the queen had, this one was slightly smaller. The door opened and for the first time in ALONG time, I saw the light. For about a minute, I couldn't stand to look at it, but then I realized where I was. It was a stadium that could fit about a thousand people. The ground was flat and held small amounts of grass. The stadium was very secluded, except for the fact that a couple of people were sitting in a table. In front of the table sat a guillotine, that was shining in the bright sunlight.

Suddenly a soldier forced me into wearing a black bag, and everything went pitch black. After about a minute, a very similar voice spoke. "Hello, Izanagi, you very well know why your here," said the princess. "Yes, women," I replied. I said women in the nastiest way my mouth could handle. I could almost feel her anger. A new voice spoke. "Ok now, Izanagi, we are talking to you because we would like to know what your last words are," a very deep voice. This voice belonged to no one other than Ptolemy.

"You are taking my crime so I'll give you a wish," Ptolemy explained. I had nothing to say, I was either too surprised, too mad to speak. "I wish for your death," I said, trying my hardest to keep calm. It was clear that Ptolemy was not surprised. "Well im terribly sorry Izanagi, but this is the end," I could hear the sarcasm.

A soldier grabbed my head and put it into a hole. I guessed the hole belonged to the guillotine. This was it, now was my chance to see, if normal beings truly had capabilities to defeat beings such as me. I heard quiet laughter, that belonged to Ptolemy, the queen, and a couple of strangers. I swore I would come back.

The blade of the guillotine dropped.
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    《Primordial King》