Primordial King
11 The Queen
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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11 The Queen

While I was asleep, I met Cason Mason once again. He was in the same place, that was hauntingly all white. He was sitting in a golden throne, that had hundreds of diamonds covering it. His face was very stoic, and he changed his clothes into baseball clothing.

"Why is it taking you so long to do a mission," Cason moaned. I remembered the mission that Cason had given me. "Sorry I didn't have time to do that," I told him. He gave an annoyed face and snapped his fingers.

I woke up in a jail cell that was just dark enough, for me to guess where I was. I was lying on the floor like I was thrown into this room. I attempted to activate my Kami Mode, but it just won't activate. They probably added some sort of magical barrier that made me not able to use my magic. That Ptolemy had gotten into this mess, and he was about to pay for this.

Instantly two soldiers barged into my cell. They gave surprised looks at me, probably because I was awake. We looked at each other for quite for a while. They quickly ran out and shut the door. Within minutes around 40 of them were surrounded me. One of them handcuffed me, I mean with the power I had, there would be a chance I might have lost to these people.

They chained me and pulled me out of the dark room. Every single one of them kept some distance, the closest one was a guy that pulled the chain. The place that I was in was most likely a human king's home. Antiques were common here, they were everywhere. There were also portraits, of people with very fancy clothing, on the walls. The roof was around 50 feet high and there was a carpet that led to a huge door.

The door was just slightly smaller than the roof. The soldier that was in front pushed the door open, and inside was a single thrown. It was surrounded by giant pillars that led to the throne. On the thrown sat was one of the two people that I wanted to meet. They are either Ptolemy or the girl with black hair. The person that sat on the throne was no one other than the black haired girl.

She was wearing a standard gown, that was clearly made of pure silk. She was wearing a crown that was made from pure diamonds. When I came in she stood up and gave a haunted look. A soldier my right leg, and I fell to my knees, I did not care though, I did not take my eyes of the black haired girl, and she did the same. She had a staff that probably, told people that she was the queen. It was a pretty special staff, on the top it had eight rounded parts that each held diamonds and the stand was pure emerald.

"Welcome to Canard, well you probably heard that from your friend Ptolemy," the queen spoke. Her voice surprisingly squeaky, so squeaky it made me flinch. She sounded like a 14-year-old, but she looked around 18, the same age my body looked like. In truth, I am about 132 which is young, and it feels like the world just started for me.

"You may know why you are here, right?" she asked, with a demanding voice. "Well, no why did you capture me?" I asked her.

"Well you are about to be executed," she smiled.
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    《Primordial King》