Primordial King
10 Prisoner
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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10 Prisoner

Inside Ptolemy's shack, there was nothing special to see. It was a small room, with a small bed that was too small for Ptolemy, himself. Other than that there was nothing in the room. There was a small window, that was just big enough to see the outside world.

"Welcome to my home, you can call it the same as well," said Ptolemy. "It's nice but, isn't it too small for us two to live here at once," I told him. "Oh no," he laughed. "You will live here, I won't." After he said that I got even more suspicious of him. "I will be living in the city because I'm a general of the army of Canard," he said proudly. "For a couple of days, I want you to stay here," he concluded. "What if I don't trust you," I quickly said as Ptolemy turned for the exit of the shack. "It's your choice," he finished.

People who say "It's your choice" most of the time, turn out to be good guys. But trusting Ptolemy would later be in my list of 10 regrettable things.

After Ptolemy said his big line that is mostly heard in stories, he left the shack. He left me thinking of whether I should trust him or not. The army of this city is probably weaker than myself, I did defeat the Shah of shah from the other city. So I Ignored that fact and jumped into the small bed that lay on Ptolemy's isolated shack.

I drempt of the same thing I had been for the past few days. My mother was playing an emotional rhythm in a piano. Soon enough she would turn around and look at me, but right before her face was visible to me, the dream would end.

When I woke up I was in the same area, and nothing different. I didn't get robbed and I wasn't in a different place. I got up my head normally and went for the door. If I could find a waterway around here, I could wash my face, and get out of here before Ptolemy realizes. Then was when I realized I was screwed in a thousand ways.

When I opened my door, I suddenly realized I was surrounded by troops. They were all wearing heavy grey armor, and there were around 400 soldiers. The soldiers were all appalled when I walked out of the shack. I realized instantly that if I had woken up a bit later they would have been beside my bed. Within seconds they were all pointing their weapons at me. Although they outnumbered me, I could see that the spears were vibrating, signs that they thought that I was intimidating.

Around 25 of them started charging towards me, hoping for the best, sadly for them they were launched into the air. I made sure I didn't kill them. After they all had been knocked out, the other soldiers hesitated to attack. There was a 30-second pause before more soldiers built up their courage to charge. Suddenly just when they were about to hit me, a girl's voice spoke. "Enough!" it screamed. Instantly all of the soldiers paused and looked up. I followed there gaze to a hill that was near the shaft. On top of it stood a woman with beautiful black hair.

She was the same women I had seen on my way to this city. I still couldn't see the woman on the top. Just then she muttered something I was able to hear just about, and I fell to the ground.

I cursed Ptolemy with all my might. This was most likely his fault. He told me this shack was out of the city, and it was safe. Why had I trusted him?
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    《Primordial King》