Primordial King
9 City of Canard
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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9 City of Canard

As I walked down the street, more and more people were giving me hateful glances. One woman also threw a half-eaten apple, behind me. I was about to go up to her and punch her, but I knew more than better, to keep that to myself. Ignoring it I kept walking.

After walking for about a minute longer, I quickly switched directions into a very narrow path, that was very clearly isolated. Glad that nobody was there I walked through. The building had a very little amount of space between each other. Suddenly, I felt a tug, behind me, and I was pulled into the darkness.

"Brother, you can't walk around like that," a deep voice said. He seemed like he wanted a reply, but I couldn't talk because he squeezed my mouth shut. I had to tap twice, on his wrist before he let go. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING," I screamed. "Shh, be quiet, or you and I will be gone," he said, doing an airplane movement with his hand.

"Ok, ok," I said calming down. "Hello my name is Ptolemy, Ptolemy Thirteen, what is yours?" he said pointing his big fingers to my chest. I couldn't see his face because of the darkness but I was able to see his finger. "My name is Izanagi, just Izanagi," I answered. It's better not to tell my last name, I mean what if this Ptolemy character works for my brother. "Nice to meet you Izanagi, can you explain to me why you were walking down the street so carelessly," he interrogated. "I'm new to this city, I don't know what was going on," I replied. "Okay anyway, don't go around like that or you will find yourself six feet under, or in the middle of a war field."

It was clear that I had made a mistake that was obvious, Ptolemy did not have to tell me that, the public of this city showed that. Realizing my mistake I gave a guilty look, but I was not sure if Ptolemy was able to see my face in the darkness.

"We will talk more, but for now we must go, follow me, this area is not safe," Ptolemy told me. I couldn't see him but it was very clear where he was heading. As he walked he gave me more information about the city. "This city goes by the name of Canard," he said with a proud tone. "It is one of the richest cities this world has to offer, but as you can see it is in the middle of a war," he interpreted. "It has been about 4 years now, and the war shows no white flag, thousands are dead, you could say that the entire original army of this city is dead, the king is now forcing every man between 13 to 45 to enter the field, no questions asked," he said sadly. "Don't worry though, I heard that a couple of days ago, the trump card of the Frir kingdom, the shah of the shah, Caesarion, was killed by a mysterious man!" he quickly added.

I instantly knew that this "mysterious" man was myself. Should I keep this a secret? "Caesarion was a huge threat to our kingdom, he eliminated multiple armies by himself, but with him, out of the way our chances of winning have gone up by crazy," he whispered happily. Then a long silence came, it was awkward but, now I was finally able to see Ptolemy's body. He was at least 7 feet tall and was built like a body-builder. His fingers were the size of small spoons, and his head was rather small compared to his body. His head was entirely bald, which suited his brown skin. He sometimes would turn around to look at me a couple of times, which gave me a chance to see his face. His face had two almost perfect round eyes, with a flat nose. He wasn't clearly ugly but wasn't handsome either. Judging from his voice, he looked nothing different from what I had imagined him to be.

We arrived at a sewer entrance that was barely big enough for Ptolemy himself. He looked into it and then waved at me to follow him. As I walked in the tunnel everything went dark again. Why was I following Ptolemy, I still did not know what it is that this man wanted. If Ptolemy fought me, it would be best for me to stay out of physical combat, and focus on magical attack. Just to pass time as we walked through the tunnel, I started calculating the what-if questions.

After walking for around ten minutes, I could see a bright light at the end of the sewer which probably was the end. I was able to see it for a while but right now was when it caught my eye. The sewer was not your average sewer, one might say it is the cleanest sewer. Or a sewer that had never been used. The type that constantly gets cleaned. It did have some water but I was walking on top of the water, a technique taught by my father. I shouldn't remember that again.

"We are here," said Ptolemy, I was almost surprised at his voice. We finally walked out of the sewer, outside the sewer was basically a deep forest. We walked a couple more minutes and we arrived at what I call a small shack. Well maybe not a shack, it was slightly bigger than a shack. "Don't worry this area is outside the kingdom's surveillance, and we are completely safe here," he said.

Some part of me did not trust him.
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    《Primordial King》