Primordial King
8 The White Feather
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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8 The White Feather

While I was in my slumber the scene played again. The scene when my parents were killed, right in front of my eyes. There were changes that led it to be a nightmare. Everybody was asking me the same question. Why did you run?

When I woke up I was in a rather dark looking forest. All of the trees were at least 50 feet tall and the ground was covered with vegetation. As I looked down at my clothes I realized it changed again. I felt the same clothes, but on top of that, I was wearing a toga with a unique hood that was probably used by people who wanted to keep low attention.

Then I remembered Cason Mason. The perfect face had said that was his name. I heard that name somewhere, but where? As I stood up I analyzed my surroundings. I was clearly isolated in the middle of a forest. Remembering the mission, I decided I had to find out who this Typhoon is. Cason basically said he would help me beat my brother, and to achieve that this Typhoon is probably important.

I asked one person about Typhoon, to the redhead. What was her name again? Oh right, Mariya. Mariya was clearly too scared to even think about Typhoon, proved that this Typhoon was a powerful foe. Remembering Caesarion, this Typhoon is probably much stronger than even him.

Clearing the thoughts of fear, I started to walk through the forest. As I walked for hours, I started to lose hope if I will ever find a town. There was no life other than plants, nothing at all. Finally, there was a clearing, where the trees didn't grow. This gave false hope because when I got there all there was just a ginormous, piece of land that had basically nothing other than grass.

So with nothing to do, I kept walking. After a while, I found myself on top of a hill, the view from it was unbearably beautiful. Suddenly, I saw a small figure, with streaks of black, about 500 feet in front of me down the hill. I squinted eyes slightly and saw what it was actually was. The streaks of black was actually a girl, she was wearing a full white dress. Soon enough I realized she was looking back at me. For maybe a while we were both looking at each other. I had a sudden rush of "feeling" through me, that I just couldn't name. Finally, she moved, she did something, I couldn't tell from this distance. She was gone. Out of thin air, I didn't know how but it was true, she was clearly out of sight. I quickly looked around me to see if she was still here. At last, I took the loss to the heart, I lost her.

I looked on the bright side, since there was human here it means that there was some kind of settlement around here. Using my magic to enhance my eyesight, I sensed a town north about 2.1 kilometers from where I was standing. Why did I not use magic sooner? This town was probably where this girl is from, and if I get there, I might see her again.

I could feel my body getting excited, and before I knew it I was running through the land. All the land was and looked at the same. The sky was also bright blue, hiding all the clouds. I was not feeling the mood of activating Kami Mode, for the first time I did not want to use magic at all.

Magic is something that not everybody had. Humans were rare to have magic, and other human level creatures never did. Gods and above races always had, magic. It is said that every 400 thousand humans, only 1 human will possess a hint of magic. The thing is this hint of magic, is very very weak. They are at the level where you just have a much higher chance of experiencing deja vu. Weak magic like these are most of the time not useful at all, but every 400 millennia one human will possess enough power to defy demons.

As I walked towards the town I had spotted, I continued to look all around me, hoping to see that girl again. Time passed like seconds and before I knew it I was in front of the city gate. The city was much bigger than I had anticipated. It was at least 13 miles long with a large castle in the middle, which probably was the are where the ruler lived. Army members were swarming the city at high numbers. Almost every man I saw, except the kids and old people, were wearing some kinds of army clothing.

Suddenly, women in her late 20s poked my back, and when I turned back, the women shoved a white feather into my hands and frowned. I looked down at my hands and looked up at her. "You coward," she yelled. Before I could reply she was already making her way, clearly never wanting to see my face again.

What had I ever done to that women? People all around me chuckled while looking at me holding the feather. Was this feather some kind of insult? Anyway, haters gonna hate. I could have easily ignored this but, as I got through the city amount of poverty started increasing. People were all in the streets. Something was seriously wrong in this city. All the homeless people were not happy, and they gave hateful looks towards me and the feather.

Then I realized what had happened. This city had was in the middle of a war, and all of the men of this city have been conscripted. The women had insulted me, probably because she thinks that I am a coward for not joining the army. I knew had to get out of this city, before I would either get insulted or get forced, to join the army.
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    《Primordial King》