Primordial King
7 Orgins
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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7 Orgins

Before time and space itself, there were beings that surpassed all other beings. They were the Primordial Beings, and despite their lack of number, they could define everything you knew, hated, loved, etc. There were four of them and they were absolute in terms of power: Uranus, Gaea, Tartarus, and the strongest of them all Cason Mason.

Despite their monstrous power, they despised each other, all except Cason. Cason believed in peace the most, but deep inside him, he knew that true peace would never come. Since all of the other Primordial Beings knew of Cason Mason and his power they were forced to cooperate. But as we all know, everything has a beginning and an ending. Uranus the weakest of them all, started to make a plan with Tartarus, who rumored to be on par with Cason. They decided they could take advantage of Cason and his love for peace. Meanwhile, Gaea, who only listened to Cason because she loved him found out about this and was about to tell Cason, when Tartarus sealed her in an infinite killing loop.

Tartarus who was handsome beyond any point was in love with Gaea for many millenniums now. Even though Gaea's beauty was irresistible, he was able to "kill" her. But the good thing is that Primordial Beings don't die, if you delete, or seal them they will just come back, after some time. This was not known because Tartarus was the first person to kill a fellow Being.

Cason Mason was told that Gaea had traveled to a different place, for a short adventure. But Cason with his omnipotent power found out that this was all a lie. Cason Mason already knew that Primordial Beings regenerated, so he was mostly mad for Tartarus and Uranus, for lying. Moreover, they broke the peace treaty, that had been agreed by all of them. Rushed with anger, he fought both Uranus and Tartarus at once without thinking twice. Tartarus who was thought to be on par with Cason was one shot and absolutely obliterated. On the other hand Uranus, after seeing what had happened to Tartarus, was on a strategic retreat. He didn't even make 100 meters before he met the same fate.

Cason Mason knew this would not be over, because of the Primordial Being's regeneration capabilities. For another eon, he was sitting in a single place with absolutely nothing to do. Finally, he had an idea, it was of a place where he would make "moving" things that make their own decisions. None the less he did it, he created it, and named this process, Life. He was clearly proud of his invention, but it led to a lot of failures. After another countless amount of eons, he made it. His final invention was known as the "Humans".

By now he had forgotten all about the Primordial Beings, but it would be around 400 trillion years before "it" would happen. Completely ignoring that fact he kept on upgrading humans, giving them knowledge, feelings, and lastly magical powers. He finally had perfected humans. Whether he was happy or sad is unknown because he was never seen again.

Shortly the perfection of humans he mysteriously created a child. The child bared the name of Chaos, an being, that came after the Primordial Beings in terms of power. According to predictions, Cason Mason was never seen again. He gave the reins to Chaos before slipping into the darkness never to be seen again.

What had happened to Cason Mason was never known, even to this date. Chaos, later on, deleted all existence and memories of Cason Mason and replaced the thoughts that made Chaos look like the almighty creator.

Chaos would also mysteriously disappear, only to leave something unexpected. He created a man named Raijin Miyazaki. It is thought that Raijin was the very person that defeated Chaos itself. After that Raijin became the first King of Beyond. Knowing to rule all the multiverses is tiring, so he created the six gods. Their names would be Jupiter, Neptune, Kronos, Hyperion, Prometheus, and Aries. These gods took care, of parts of the multiverse and answered to only the Miyazaki family.

At the same time, Raijin married a beautiful woman named Olympius. They would have later had two children, and their names are Izanagi and Izanami. Raijin was unmatched and could have been so for much more time, but sadly, an empire that burns from the inside never rises again.
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    《Primordial King》