Primordial King
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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Honestly, when a person stands up from one of my strongest attacks, I would panic. But that was when I would fight gods themselves. Now I can't lose to this human, it will rob my dignity. Plus I still have my brother left. Just thinking about my brother rushed me with magic and anger.

"Welcome to my dimension, Izanagi," exclaimed Caesarion. "I admit that attack you did before, could have killed me if I hadn't changed reality," he explained. "Anyway, victory is now mine," Caesarion laughed. Before I knew it he was right in front of me. But before I could react he grabbed on to my neck and then threw me at the speed of light. My eyes forced shut and I couldn't even open them, because the speed I had been launched at. Even my body couldn't move. Every once in a while, there would be a huge thud, a quick sense of pain, and it would keep repeating. Finally, after around 2 minutes I was able, to move again, and I used my legs to stop flying across the land.

Looking at where I came from was quite easy because there was a straight line of destruction, that led to me. Quickly I started to focus my magic around me so if Caesarion appeared he wouldn't be able to hit me physically. Now it was my turn, I had to finish this. I crouched and blasted as fast as my kami mode could take me and I started making my way towards Caesarion. He came to view a couple of seconds later, and soon enough I was right in front of him. Before he realized I was there I punched him. Sadly, the punch barely any damage and all he did was stumble, in shock.

After I punched him and saw the results, I slowly started to back away. "You are indeed stronger than I expected," Caesarion said clearly astonished. "Say Izanagi, it would be a shame if you die here, why don't you join me, you clearly can't win," he concluded and laughed. "I can give you anything you want," he chuckled.

Ok so normally, I don't get mad easily, but this time the amount of rage, that rushed me was basically unlimited. I guess at that moment I was sick and tired of being underestimated. By my family, the gods, and now these puny humans. "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU JUST SAID, PEASANT," I screamed. And then is when I started casting a spell that I had never done. "Final Justice: Dimensional Excalibur," I shouted. Suddenly, everything turned black and white. Everything paused in space-time, even Caesarion. A gigantic sword appeared in my hand, and without thinking again I slashed it down, right through Caesarion's body. Moments later, everything was warped and Caesarion's dimension collapsed.

The good thing was I didn't lose consciousness, I was just falling. I had fallen between space-time. Slowly, the anger started to fade away and my self-control kicked in. Suddenly, a rush of tiredness started overthrowing me. Signs that my Kami Mode was at its limits. Was this the end? Well, I couldn't die, so like in my terms you can call it an infinite loop. My master had never taught me how to escape, in these circumstances. Right in front of me, a white light appeared. At first, it was too bright for me to see but soon enough I could see it. It was him. Not my brother, but the perfect face. He reached his hand out to me, and without thinking again I grabbed to his hand. His hand was unusually cold. After that, I got sucked into the light.

Again I was in the same white place again. Everything was white except for perfect face, who stood only meters away from me. "Long time no see, friend." When he added friend I could sense a hint of sarcasm. "I must say, I am surprised," he said. "Defeating, the shah of the shah is, in fact, a big deal," exclaimed perfect face. "I was watching the match, and it seemed you have finally unlocked your first Final Justice move," he said clearly very excited. "Wait hold on, what is a shah of the shah, and what is the Final Justice thingy," I asked. Even though I used that move I didn't know anything about it, my body was the one who used it. "Very well I shall answer," perfect face paused to take a breath. "You see the Shah of Shah is a title given to the strongest man in a country," he explained. "There are multiple, I'm pretty sure there are 13, but they are ranked strongest, and when one of them is defeated another one takes the title," perfect face finished. So now I was the Shah of the Shah. "Now you are a king," he winked at me. "And as for the Final Justice, it is a league of moves that rank above gods, they cannot be stopped no matter what," he said. "Trying to master these types of moves may make take immortals thousands of years if he did not run into madness," he interpreted. He quickly looked down at his hand. "Our time is up, il explain more about this later, and remember Typhoon," he told me. Oh, right he wanted me to defeat the Typhoon thing. As he started to fade he told me something, that was rather surprising. "Your worthy of my name," he smiled. "My name is Cason Mason," he concluded. He snapped his fingers and everything went black.
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    《Primordial King》