Primordial King
5 Caesarion
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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5 Caesarion

The crowd screamed louder than ever. To the point where even the commentator had to cover his ears. "They always do this because you're a new person," he told me. "By the way, my name is Tao, nice to meet you," he smiled and walked away. "So who dares fight this beastly man who thinks he could take the princess," he screamed. The princess? Before I could think more into it, a deep voice spoke. "I shall take him on," the voice spoke from the top. I looked at the area where the voice came from. It clearly looked like a V.I.P area. There a man who looked like a bodybuilder, with a face that was clearly intimidating. He jumped from the V.I.P area and landed beside me. "Hello my name is Caesarion," he said to me. "And ladies and gentlemen we have, our capitals strongest, the one who defines magic itself, Caesarion," roared Tao. Why wasn't his voice giving out!? But the crowd clearly understood what was going on, and they cheered.

"Ok so now that we have participants I shall state the rules," Tao said. "Well the rules are basically, don't cheat, thats it," Tao laughed. "Begin," bellowed Tao. Before I could say, Wait, I received the hardest punch ever, that launched me into the arena wall. The audience gave a shuffle that showed disappointment. "You never take your eyes off your target," spoke Caesarion. He started to walk towards me. Since I didn't want to get hit again, I teleported away. Suddenly, I felt a huge amount of magic being sucked out of me. "Kyushu," said Caesarion. I see he was taking my magic, and at this rate, he would win. He moved at the speed of sound and launched me into the air. The pain was almost on par with the fall I had a couple of days ago. Caesarion jumped again, I could hear craters being made. In less than a millisecond, I was smashed back to the ground. For some reason, it didn't hurt at all, and huge amounts of magic were rushing into me. Dust clouds were covering every view, to the point where people can't see me and I can't see them. This time I stood up and kept my cool. I waited for the dust to clear. Finally, I was able to see Caesarion's face. "HOW DID YOU?" said Caesarion clearly appalled. The audience also gave a hiss of excitement. Even Tao was too surprised to speak. "Your pretty strong if I say so myself, Caesarion," I laughed. "Now Its time for me to finish this," I concluded. I activated Kami Mode. The five elements started circling me, and my magic power was crossing the limits. All my damages were being healed, and a massive amount of gravity surrounded me, that forced even big man Caesarion to slouch. This was my true power. This power also turned on me, for example, it would be too hard for me to open my mouth because of the heavy gravity around me. As I looked at Caesarion, I realized that it was the same. Even Tao was suffering from gravity. Unable, to talk, Tao was no more than a background person.

Finally, I looked at Caesarion. Now it was my turn. Sprinting at the speed of sound I uppercut Caesarion. Blood streaked across his face, as he was launched into the air. Soon enough he slammed down into the ground thanks to the gravity. Caesarion finally looked up again, his face was filled with fear. And that was when I lost my self-control. I was able to pay attention to everything, but my body was moving by itself. I slammed into Caesarion, knocking him into the wall. Running at full speed smashed him again and launched him through the stadium wall. Using gravity I pulled him back and launched him into the air. Now it was time to finish this fight. I clenched my fist and dark matter started swirling around it. I aimed at Caesarion and launched it. Without knowing what his last facial impression was I knew more than enough that he was dead and I had won. Caesarion was dead.

So now that the battle was over, I regained self-control and deactivated my Kami Mode. As I looked up to see the audience, I realized all of them had fled. I wondered how. Even Tao was gone. Then I realized what had happened. The move that I had just used had erased all of their existence, and this left me all alone in this empty arena. I sensed some life, but I was too paralyzed to react, or even do anything. I had killed people. I was the same as my brother now. I am a murderer. "Oh you shouldn't get your hopes up," spoke a deep voice. I turned around to see Caesarion. "Welcome to my dimension," he said with a crooked smile.
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    《Primordial King》