Primordial King
4 Escape
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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4 Escape

My dream was rather weird, but it was a nightmare. I dreamed of my deceased mother. She was playing the piano and it was a very joyful tune. Slowly, it started going intense, it went faster, faster, faster and faster. She was smashing the keys, to force her anger into the piano. Speaking was impossible because my mouth would just not move. The emotions were running through me. It felt like she was alive again. I tried to hold my tears back, but if this wasn't a dream I would've been weeping. The tune switched again this time it was a happy tune. Before I realized it the tune slowed down to things you hear in sad movies. Instantly I dropped to my knees. These emotions were too much for me. STOP! I screamed but it just won't come out of my mouth. Finally, she finished, blood started dripping from her. I couldn't see it because she was still facing the piano in front of me. She started turning her head around. And that was the dream. Talk about a cliffhanger. Dreams truly leave a lot of mysteries.

I woke up, from the nightmare of course. My body was covered in sweat. It was still midnight, I could tell by looking at the window beside my bed. Everywhere around me was pitch black. This was my chance. If I ran away, these people won't be included in my personal matters. Throwing the blanket off, I jumped off the bed. They changed my clothing, I thought as I looked at my brand new clothes. My old ones were probably incinerated from the fall. Time to get out of this house I thought. I crept towards the door. It was open which did some or no help. Right before me was a rather small staircase, that I used to get down. There were loud snoring in the background, that I ignored. Then I spotted the door at the corner. After I walked beside it I slowly opened it. Then slowly closed it. And then I sprinted as fast as I could. So fast indeed, that I forgot to check my surroundings. I smashed into a closed apple store spilling apple everywhere. But that wasn't enough for me to slow down. I sprinted through the town, zigzagging through the small pathways. It was a small town. The type that won't come up in the map. It also didn't have any walls, that make it look like an intimidating town. After, a while I finally got out of the town and ended up in a rather scary looking forest. Behind me, I could hear people waking up, and I continued on my quest. I kept running for about an hour before I took my first glance behind me.

Now I was surrounded by a deep forest. This is how it should be, I thought. If He was able to get in this "dimension", that the perfect face was talking about, everybody I know would be killed. This was my chance to test my ability. "Kami mode," I yelled. This was my "divine" mode. In my family, this was considered weak, but down in the normal realms, this was able to put the universe in line. Soon enough I realized something was wrong, whenever I exercised this around 30 miles worth of land would be lost. Right now, my power didn't even affect the ground. Not even a scratch. I felt the same power I always had. I looked at a tree with a serious look. The tree instantly turned into ashes. Nothings wrong, just my destructive power is declining, I thought. Destructive power is not needed as of this moment so I decided to ignore it. "Sen ko Kensei," I chanted. Everything went white. Good at least this works. This way I could move at unmatchable speeds. Sen Ko Kensei is a move that upgrades all of my senses by a thousand. And my physical attribute with a hundred. If I kept casting Sen Ko Kensei, I could very well stack all of these, and go at undefined speeds. I started calculating every possibility to get out of this place. After 30 seconds of searching, I found it. I had to face North East and move straight. This would take me to a big city. Unlike the town, I escaped from this city, classified as a fortress, with a giant castle in the middle. Recoiling a few steps, I jumped. With my physical attribute upgraded, I skimmed through the air at the speed of sound. All the trees that came in my way were swiped aside. A couple of humans came in the way as well. All of them were either killed instantly or shot 50 meters into the air. Thats, why you don't, come in front of me. A journey that would normally take around two days, was finished in less than 5 minutes. But there were consequences. I slammed into the wall. Fortunately, the guards were not paying attention, and by the time they realized what had happened, I was gone. My landing was also a good place. It was a completely deserted area in the city. I got up and deactivate my Kami mode. I shook off all the dust in my clothes and started making my way out of the deserted area. Suddenly loud cheer came from all around me. I looked above myself.

A loud voice spoke. "What an entrance, I must say," a voice spoke. A black haired man jumped beside me. I could've sworn he came from the sky. "And ladies and gentlemen, we have a volunteer for our 435th annual Gladiator Day," he exclaimed. The crowd cheered. "Say, son, what is your name?" he asked me. "Taimpuzu," I muttered under my breath. Nothing happened. I cursed myself, the one move, that could pause time, and help me escape wouldn't work. I guess now I have to play along. Knowing there would be no turning back, I answered him. "My name is Izanagi," I told him. I didn't bother to tell him my full name. "I see Izanagi are you excited?" he questioned. "Nope," I answered. "Well everybody is scared at the start but during the fight, you will forget everything," he assured me. "Well now who wishes to be this young man's opponent," yelled the black haired man.
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    《Primordial King》