Primordial King
3 The Reques
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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3 The Reques

It was all dark around me. So the obvious thing happened. I started panicking, and then I realized the horrifying truth. I had kept my eyes closed. I opened them instantly to see a girl maybe in her 20s standing there. She had red hair and was the ideal girl that could make any man have a heart attack with first sight. Not for me, I never really found any girl attracting. I rose up instantly and she was so astonished that she took some steps back. She glared at me and said. "Dad your man, is awake." Slow footsteps started coming in from outside the door. I took this time to analyze my surrounding. It was rather a small looking house the roof was just barely above me, which proved that I was in the attic. Finally, a very old looking man came out of the door. "Hello young man, its been two and a half days, you should be glad, we were just thinking of your funeral," he creaked.

He quickly walked and sat beside me and started pinching me. "What are you? I saw you falling from the sky on FIRE," he said clearly surprised. He sighed. "You have slept for a while, you must be hungry right?" he asked me. Without taking my answer he snapped his fingers and the Redhead walked out the door. These two people seemed defenseless. I thought of my brother. He could kill both of them, from across a planet. "Mister, it would be best if you don't include yourself with me," I told him. My stomach growled. "Oh but il take the food offer," I assured him. The redhead walked in the room again. She was carrying a tray of fresh cereal, rice, and roasted beef. I took the food and gave redhead a nod. The old man spoke again. "Since we took you in and gave you food, can you do a small favor for us?" he asked. I gave him a look that said, well it better not be something too big. He laughed. "Well since you fell from such a height, I believe you are a fighter?" he said with a voice that clearly didn't want to hear a no. "Well, you can say I'm not that strong just the average," I replied. "Very well thats all we need, Il tell you more details later as for now, rest," he concluded as he stood up and walked out the door. Now I was all alone with the redhead. I wondered what her name was. "My name is Mariya Ridenour," she said. "YOU CAN READY MIND!?" I screamed.

My privacy was getting attacked and I knew it. "Well not exactly, it's just that your expressions are easy to read," she told me. "So how did you do it?" she asked me going close to my face. What was she talking about I thought? It took a while but she caught up. "Well you know, you don't normally see people falling to the ground," she whispered. "I don't know," I simply said. She gave me a sarcastic nod. Wow, she was sensible she knew I didn't want to talk about it. Finally, I remembered the guy I had met in the white dimension. Perfect face, thats a good name. Il call him that. "Say, Mariya, have you heard of a thing called Typhoon," I asked. Horror instantly shot through her face. She started doing these weird things that probably was a religious thing. "Don't say that name," she gasped. Before I asked why she answered. "Each time you want to refer to what your saying call it Chaos," she finished. She sighed. "I didn't ask what your name was, so what is it," she asked. She clearly wanted to change the conversation, I decided I would argue. "My name is Izanagi Miyazaki, nice to meet you," I greeted. She nodded. "Well it's getting late, il see you tomorrow, Izanagi, you should get some rest," she concluded. As I looked out the small window that was beside my bed I realized it was already night. This was when humans slept if I remember correctly. She waved at me and started to walk away. This was it, all my memories will come back to me and I will suffer again. This always happens when I was lonely. Whenever I was surrounded by people I could forget everything that happened. Now that all company was gone, I waited for my brain to switch into thinking of my family. But even after suffering and sleeping for days, I was able to go into a slumber.
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    《Primordial King》