Primordial King
2 The False King
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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2 The False King

{Back at Izanagi's home}

Izanami poked the head of his now dead father. "It was good to know you," he said. "Would you like to know how loud mother screamed?" he laughed. He went close to the carcasses ear. "She screamed loud," chuckled Izanami. He stood up. Izanami started walking towards the throne. He picked up the crown that his father had dropped while they were fighting. The crown would make him the king of the universe. He would be unmatched. As he put on the crown, he decided that he would savor this moment. Suddenly just when the crown touched his head it sent a blast wave that shot Izanami around 30 feet into the air. "CURSE YOU STUPID CROWN," he stood up cursing. Just then his right-hand man Sebastien who had been helping him in the dark, appeared out of thin air. Sebastien was a servant of the Miyazaki family. He helped Izanami from the shadows. Sebastien bent down to show respect to Izanami. "Master I was about to tell you to not wear the crown yet," he said. Izanami looked down at Sebastien. "My Lord, since you have murdered your family members the crown will continue to reject you until there is only one candidate," he paused to take a breath. "Your brother, Izanagi, is still alive," he said.

"Come to the point," Izanami shouted. Sebastien flinched. "In simple words, your brother must be eliminated," Sebastien quickly said. Izanami sighed. "I really had wanted him to live, but if he stands between the crown and me I guess il have to put him down to," Izanami concluded. Izanami gave Sebastien a look that said: "go find him". "Your majesty I hate to disappoint you but, he is completely of the map," Sebastien apologized. "I have tried a spell, that searches through reality, space-time, and certain dimensions, but he just can't be found," he stuttered. "A dimension that can't be penetrated," Izanami hissed. "Sounds like father knew this was coming," he told Sebastien. "You are basically the king, Lord Izanami, your brother is in retreat," Sebastien said trying to comfort Izanami. "I can try to fi..," as Sebastien tried to finish Izanami spoke. "No thank you, Sebastien this is a family matter, it's better if you stay out of this," he said. Suddenly a voice spoke from right above the ceiling. "Target Locked, Izanami Miyazaki surrender now or be executed," a mechanical voice spoke. Izanami didn't reply. Around two minutes later the voice spoke again. "I see thats your answer very well then," the voice finished. Right after the voice finished there was an explosion. A man in a mecha suit slammed into the floor. Right in front of Izanami stood an army general of the Miyazaki family. Izanami very well knew who this was, he was the leader of the 3rd Astro-Kill squad and the strongest member of the army. "It has been a while Lord Lasros, I hope we can work out something," assured Izanami. Without replying Lasros went in for the kill. He jumped and sprinted at the speed of light. Sadly, for Lasros, Izanami stopped his punch with one hand.

The shockwave sent Sebastien 30 feet into the air. "So you have indeed gotten stronger, Izanami," Lasros finally spoke in a human voice. Within a second Lasros sent a flying kick into Izanami face, but that was blocked too. Lasros smiled and smashed his head into Izanami's. This time it hit and it sent Izanami recoiling a few steps. Now that he regained his hands Lasros shot a hard punch that sent Izanami flying into the wall at the speed of sound. "It is over, cousin," Lasros yelled. "Shinigami no fukushū," cast Lasros. Within seconds a reaper started appearing out of thin air. "Punish the sins, honor thy family and eliminate this sinner," Lasros said with his hand clapped. The Reaper raised its scythe and smashed it down. Spacetime and reality were paused by the reaper as it slashed Izanami. Sebastien was already gone knowing if he stayed, it would be over for him too. The reaper had finally finished and everything was back to normal. In front of Lasros stood the dead body of the False King Izanami. "I guess I have to be the king now," laughed Lasros. "Sorry but I'm not taking retirement at such a young age," Izanami spoke. The voice sent a sense of horror through Lasros. "THIS CAN'T BE POSSIBLE I JUST KILLED YOU," screamed Lasros. "Oh you did kill me, you made me lose my physical body, now I'm at the same stage as father," he chuckled. Lasros was too scared to say anything. "If I kill you now, you will die, Lasros," assured Izanami. "You're not like the main family, your just a mere descendant of us," laughed Izanami. "Well its goodbye now," said Izanami with a straight voice. Dark matter started swirling around Izanami's fist and within a second he was behind Lasros. "Dark Matter Swipe," chanted Izanami. Under a second later Lasros was no more.
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    《Primordial King》