Primordial King
1 The Unanswered
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Primordial King
Author :TheBattleBee
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1 The Unanswered

Before I knew it I was falling. Falling not slowly but FAST. I started panicking, but who wouldn't? I survived countless stabs and height drops, but this was a different story. Without a doubt, I would survive this 10000-meter drop, but the pain would be insufferable. I have no god to pray to, so I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. The seconds passed on, it felt like I would never land. Just when I was about to open my eyes. There was an explosion. And it was LOUD. How loud? Well to the point when I was glad that my body regenerates from damages. With the sound aside, the pain was unbearable, so unbearable that I couldn't even cry. All my 650 muscles went offline and my bones were incinerated. To comfort myself I tried to focus on what had just happened. Whatever I tried I just couldn't open my eyes. I wanted to ask so many questions to my father, my cursed brother, and the one person I missed so much, my mother. Focusing my body was an impossible task I realized soon enough, the pain was just too great and my brain would rather focus on the pain than my feelings. A couple of minutes later my body gave out.

"Hey, kid open your eyes," a voice said. It was hard but I was able to open my eyes. I stared into a perfect whiteness. Everything was white, the platform, surrounding, everything. The only thing other than white was a man maybe in his late 20s standing around 10 feet in front of me. He resembled me in ways, such as jet black hair, a hook looking nose, but he had one thing that I didn't, and that was a perfect face. I had some freckles but otherwise, that's the only difference other than, the age looks. With his dark blue cape, he was beautiful. To the point that it hurt to look at him. Before I started with the good old "Who are you" question he instantly shut me down. "Rule one, we won't exchange our names, even though I know who you are," he said in a musical voice. Before I asked "why" he said, "You don't want to know who I am, especially after what you have been through". It clearly seemed like he wanted to talk and I didn't want to get interrupted so I just stayed quiet. "Let's get started now that the basic questions are out of the way," he said with a wide smile."Your father sent you here to train, okay?" he explained each word like I was a child. But I still kept quiet. "You don't have to be afraid, this is a dimension that would take quite a while for even Him to get in, so you must focus on your fighting," he told me.

"But sadly I do not have a physical body to train you personally," he said with a neutral voice. "Not anymore," he murmured. "Your objective is only one thing and it is to defeat Him, and you very well know who that is, feelings must be put aside and you must focus on your task at hand," he said with a clear voice. "Why would I listen to you?" I asked him. He looked surprised when I talked. "Well you're in my dimension, so you will listen to me," he answered. "This is an infinite looped world, a mirror to earth," he paused to see if I was paying attention. "It goes on forever so don't waste your time trying to escape, only me and your father can decide who comes in and goes out," he concluded. I looked into his eyes. "Do you know why my brother did It?," I demanded. "Overthrowing somebody, killing family members is rather common in your family, so I'm not surprised that your brother took action," he said. "I think that's all I need to say, and as for your training I want you to beat Typhoon," he finished. I showed him a confused face. "Il tell you more information later, but for now you should try recovering from what you have been through," he said and snapped his fingers. Everything went black.
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    《Primordial King》