Physics The Greatest Magic
160 Combined Spell imitation
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Physics The Greatest Magic
Author :Renovator
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160 Combined Spell imitation

Both Serena and Ariel seemed to be struggling to keep their balance, so before the group could fall in, John created a small icy platform for them to stand on. 

Everyone got on and quickly managed to regain their balance. Serena let out a sigh before saying 

"T-That was close... Man... Having john in the party sure is reassuring..." 

"Is that so?" John asked with a smile 

"I-I mean, It's fine..." Said Serena as she turned away 

[The teasing never ends.] 

"Thanks John, I still haven't managed to properly control the tornado spell, I thought I was done for" Said Ariel as she let out a sigh 

"You're welcome. Also, we're still inside of a vortex, so it's too soon to drop your guards." Said John 

Hearing this, the two girls snapped back into wary, battle mode 

"Did I really just drop my guard...?" Ariel asked with a shocked look as her voice trembled 

"It's john... He's spreading his recklessness to us..." Said Serena as she stared at John as if he were some sort of disease 

Ariel also looked at john with confusion and denial in her eyes 

[O-Oi... Can you two not stare at me like that.] 

The two looked at each other, nodded and then raised their staff. Serena formed an Arrow, however it wasn't a normal arrow, it was big not only that, but hot, very hot. 

John wasn't sure if it was because they were in the middle of a desert or if it was because the spell itself was hot, but it was still quite an achievement. 

"Elementary Combined Fire \u0026 Wind Magic: Sagitta ignis FRAGOR" Translation: EXPLOSIVE Fire Arrow 

Shortly after the arrow was completed and the platform was now only a few feet away from the monster's mouth, 

Wind and Air particles began to gather both in front and behind the arrow, before it suddenly unleashed and propelled the arrow straight at the mouth of the monster 


On impact there was a small explosion along with the arrow penetrating through the sand worm's mouth. 

After that, the sand stopped spinning and all that remained was a small hole in the middle of the vortex formed from the small pit 

"Yes!" Said Serena as she clenched her fist 

"Nice job, Serena." 

"You too, Ariel" 

"Hey, you two, I've been meaning to ask." John intervened 

"What?" The two simultaneously asked 

[How can you two know what the other is thinking just by looking at each other? Why would you name that elementary when that had as much fire power as an advanced class or lower-saint class?] 

"You know what, never mind." Said john 

"Are you sure?" Ariel asked as she stared straight at john 

"Yeah, I'm sure." Said John as he suddenly turned his head towards the sky, 

they were inside of a pit, the easiest way to leave would be to fly out. Suddenly, John stretched out his arm towards the area in front of the platform and began to gather ice 

"An enemy?" Serena asked as she raised her staff 

"Yeah, it's close. But don't worry." 

The ice took the form of a long spear and instead of it being a blade made of ice at the end, it was a drill. 

The spear began to quickly spin with the help of wind magic, as john began gathering air both in front and behind it 


Serena and Ariel watched as John with a straight face easily merged the concept of their spell with his 

[Colder... Make the ice denser... Lower the temperature...] John thought to himself 

"Triple Combination Magic... hm... let's try it in the normal language. windy flaming ice explosive drill." 

Both Serena and Ariel looked a john with a shocked expression 

A flame as blue as the ice was formed behind the air particles which were in front of the spear drill. 

At the same time, a sand worm suddenly came out of the Area which john faced, it was big, they couldn't see the body of the first one as they ended up killing it. 

But this one was completely visible, a long scaly body which stretched out, it looked just like the picture of sand worms John saw in his previous life, the only difference was that this one was abnormally large. 

"verum glacies murum" Translation: True Ice Wall 

The Spear drill was propelled straight at the sand worm, and moved so fast it looked like a missile, it was much faster than Serena and Ariel's Arrow. 

The Spear Drill went straight in to the sand worms' mouth before an explosion was let out on the inside of it's body. 

At the same time, a wall of ice was formed before getting hit directly by the momentum of the sand worm. 


But that wasn't enough to break it. Serena and Ariel who saw this, were preparing for another attack from the same sand worm. The ice wall was blocking their view so they couldn't see what happened after. 

"It's over." Said John as he dispersed the ice wall 

As the wall began to melt and the sand worm became visible, the two girls were left speechless, or more precisely, they had sort of expected something like this to happen. 

The other half of the sand pit which was on the other side of the ice wall, was completely frozen, not only that but so was the sand worm. 

They also noticed that there was a hole in its body and the spear implanted in the middle of the ice, meaning that the spear drill had managed to pierce through its hard scales from the inside to get out. 

"John..." Master sylvia called out to him with a cold voice 

Hearing this, John started to sweat 

"M-Master?" John asked with a nervous smile 

[I completely forgot she was here...] 

"What did I tell you about using magic?" 

"Don't go overboard unless necessary... Only use the absolute minimum..." 

"The beach was an exception, next time you break this rule without telling me, there'll be punishment" Said Master sylvia with a grin 


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