Perfect couple
9 Chapter 9 Dark secret of the pas
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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9 Chapter 9 Dark secret of the pas

@@Mitra was shocked by Samrats shouting, she got up from the bed In a jerk and stormed towards the bathroom and locked herself within it.

I don't know what's going on?? Why Samrat behavior was so rude, why he calling me like that. I don't know anything. If he hates me so much, then why do he pretend to like me and marry me. Why???

So many why's and I don't have any answers to this?? Iam felling helpless. I don't go back to my parents if they got to know about this they will definitely worried about me and it's not good for both of them. I don't tell them, I can't,

I must try to find out the reason of this hatred. But now I want to cry. I want to cry till last droplet of tears.

In bed room Samrat was way worried and felt sorry for his rude behavior towards Mitra but he thinks Mitra deserves it. She owes this. But why did I do this to you?? Do you remember anything from past Mitra??

I am dam sure you won't cos if you do, then you must recognized me on the very first day of our meeting over your house. But you won't, it means u don't remembered anything.

I know what Mitra??? I want to tell you everything to you right now but now I have decided I won't tell you anything.

I want to see in same pain and suffering that was given by you to me in the past. I hate u so much Mitra. I hate you badly.



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