Perfect couple
8 Chapter - 8 The dark reality of the marriage
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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8 Chapter - 8 The dark reality of the marriage

Oh, my goodness look at the eyes of yours, stop pretending to be a victim of any trap you you, disgusting I don't have any words to express my feelings towards you Mitra.

coming straight to the point, so u have so many doubts about the marriage and also about me?? first of all, let me clarify your first doubt.
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Ask me, I can explain it???

Mitra keeps quiet for long cos it feels like someone splashed boiling water over her entire existence over her self respect. The pain was deep like a living volcano. It was sharp piercing and gives shivering pain which was rushed along with her blood from head to toe. She was not in any position to ask something.

Why did this happened to me?? Oh God help me, please help me.

Why don't you ask me any questions, you useless woman?? Shouted Samrat???

U know what?? A piece of shit like you deserves to be treated like this.

I am very tired, if you don't have any doubts so can you please sit down over the floor and continue your crying. Can you leave the bed for me asap???

It was like a sharp sound like a thunder which gives an instant shiver to Mitra,

She suddenly got up from the bed and started to walk towards the bathroom and closed herself into the bathroom.

At first she doesn't know how to react to the present situation. What's going on?? Why Samrat behavior was strange?? Why??? So many why's, and I don't have a single answer to any question.

Great job Mitra, so now Mrs Samrat was dumped by her own husband on their first night, and the best part of it was that she doesn't know the reason??? So i don't have any way to go back to my parents, they will definitely die, if they got to know this. What should I do now?? I'm feeling helpless. Why it's always me? Mitra started crying endlessly.


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