Perfect couple
7 Chapter - 7 Night of hopes and night of betrayal.
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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7 Chapter - 7 Night of hopes and night of betrayal.

This is the best part of every marriage in which you both came closer and make a future move along together. The night of love, the night of hopes and the night of dreams for future begins with together.

Mitra sat over the edges of the bed and quite nervous about the new life, new relationship and overall she does not know about anything likes dislikes of samrat??

Suddenly door of the bedroom opened and there she could find out a tall figure staring at her, she felt quite uneasy under the piercing gaze of the figure, then the figure comes close to Mitra and it was Samrat indeed.

Samrat - Don't be shy, I'm not going to do anything to u. U know what ur not my type of girl. So don't hope for anything love or any sympathy from me.
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If I have to say anything to you, then only word could be able to express everything that I hate u.

Yes u heard me right I hate u, u average simple looking girl, I think why this type of girl exists in this world?? Who were good for nothing???


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