Perfect couple
6 Chapter - 6
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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6 Chapter - 6

Inlaws mansion and rituals of marriage.

After regerious rituals of marriage and bidai (in India when bride takes leave from her family and went to her inlaws).
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I had finally found my own place bcoz it's my husband's home.

When I first entered house I have to kick the rice kalash or pot in front door to enter my new home and new life holding my husbands hands.

This is the best part of the any marriage rituals. Then there will be curd and rose water ritual, in which inlaws puts gold finger ring and newly wedded couple has to searched it, if the bride gets it then she will be dominant in the relationship and if groom then he will be. There is no special reason behind this, but one thing is certain it makes relationships between the couple more stronger. When the started Samrat knowingly touches my hands instead searching for the ring within the curd rose water and then he got the ring, because I felt shy when he touched my fingers and he takes the opportunity to find out the ring, I felt more vulnerable and shy in the same time bcoz samrat winked at me, and whispered in my ear that u can't beat me any way.

I felt quite ashamed as well as my cheeks becomes red due to shy and anger he openly challenged me. How dare he?? I will definitely not going to be a looser for sure. But within my heart there is a bud of love started to grow slowly for Samrat, he is extremely similar to the person of my dreams. My Mr perfect. I stared to feel attached towards him due to his child like behavior. Mitra quite confused over the reaction of her heart in the situation, she started to fell in love with her husband.


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