Perfect couple
5 Chapter - 5
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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5 Chapter - 5

Marriage Ceremony and Inlaws mansion

Marriage - the word it self says so many things in only seven letters. Your whole life is totally different after these seven letters comes to your life.

This u can say magical spell which turns your world in to beautiful fairy tales, although we see things like this in our childhood stories. So Mitra is one of such girls.

In bridal attire she looked herself in mirror, she looked really beautiful. I think every girl in this world looked prettiest when she wears her bridal dress or gown, it doesn't matter from which religion she belongs to. Like it said she is just as pretty as she thought herself.

Madhu (mitra's friend) shouted, oh my goodness, u looked like a gorgeous woman. If Mr Samrat see you in this lovely red saree(Indian bridal wear) he must be in love at first sight with you. Believe me mitu you looked adorable.

Mitra smiled a little looking towards Madhu, ya I know, that.

Thanks you for everything my sweet madhu, I would be nothing if you four were not there for me. Sakshi, siddhi, Mahi and Madhu joined quickly to Mitra, and praised her beautiful looks while crying. Bcoz after this marriage was over, they don't get any chance to get there friend Mitra, when they need her.

They all are happy along with sadness.

They all be my side as my sisters while I my mother came to my bridal room, satred at me for a while.

Mrs Ghosh(Mitra's mother) - Look at my little princess she looked like a real queen today. She started crying, while saying do you know mitu you're a sweet heart, u obeyed everything that we as parents wanted u to do for us. Ur as parents very lucky to have you as our child. We are proud of you mitu. Mitra and her mother started crying bcoz they known that very well after the marriage Mitra belongs to her husband and in laws. As parents they do not have the same amount of rights as they have now over Mitra.

Mitra - Mom, where is Baba (father)?? I want to talk to him.

Mrs Ghosh - He is coming with me but now I can't find him,

Mitra- Mom u stay here I know where father will be??

Mitra goes to his father study room while find out her father searching Mitras childhood photos and crying silently while caressing the pictures in his ans told himself my little doll my little doll. Mitra can't watch it anymore, she knows that his father doesn't showed his emotions to others easily but today he can't be able to handle it anymore, so he tried to hide his emotions from others and also from Mitra. Mitra runs towards his father and hold him tightly and told him - Baba, if you don't want me to go then I won't, but please don't cry.

Mr Ghosh - Who told you I'm crying, these are tears of joy. I love you my little doll. Baba will miss you. Don't forget to call me every day when you reached at ur inlaws.

You know mitu without listening to your voice my days won't go well.

Mitra while crying - hmmm...

The marriage was over with every rituals but in Samrat was quite absent minded. Although everyone busy in teasing the newly couple but only Mitra could be able to sense the unusual behavior of Samrat. Whats wrong with him, he even don't looked at me at once.

Mitra felt uncomfortable, but while her friends assured her that brother in law might be nervous, then she was settled down at a conclusion that, it might be the reason for his unusual behavior.


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