Perfect couple
4 Chapter - 4 Marriage ceremony& missing link.
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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4 Chapter - 4 Marriage ceremony& missing link.

@@My parents were very happy with the news that, I have been selected to being the daughter in law and wife of the most influential and wealthy family of the state. The Roy's, royal hair. It's their respected name given by the city people. Their ancestors were Royal kings and so the wealth came from the Royal family ancestors. And they were businessman by heart.

Although every one is busy in marriage planning and preparation, Mitra was quite in tension, although she is very happy for her marriage but something was not right, what is it??? Why Samrat was in a hurry to marry her??? I'm average looking, nothing special, then why?? And the most important thing is that why Samrat came with his father and other relatives but his mother was not there????

Till now after 15 days of engagement, his mother did not came to see her,


Is there something, everyone ignorant about it right now

or she was overthinking???

Mitra, oye mitu-My sweet little doctor, where are you, shouted Madhu, Sakshi, Siddhi and Mahi. These four girls are like four pillars of my life, we are beasties, without them I'm nothing. In marriage pressure Mitra starts to merge completely and there is always her beasties who always tries to cheer him up, so for her there is no such time left for thinking over the situations throughly.



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