Perfect couple
3 My Mr perfec
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Perfect couple
Author :lenkamadhu
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3 My Mr perfec

Mitra, my name is Mitra Ghosh, I am a surgeon at kiims hospital.

This is my first time I saw my interviewing candidate and was answering his questions carefully, becoz before him no one would like to ask me anything, they simply rejected me over my average looks, there was no need to ask about my professional experience and about my abilities and career goals.

But he is different, quite a bit different from others, he wanted to talk to me in person. For first time I got equal respect in comparison to the boy.

Everyone treated me like I'm a product, no opinion no choice. But some one treated me like a human being, like a woman, I'm impressed, totally honest view.

He is indeed a gentleman. Every question from him is quite upto the point and also in very dignified manner.

He don't judge me over my looks but over my qualifications and what I am.

After talking with me for quite some time he asked me if I have any questions about him, about anything, any doubts, Mitra u can ask me anything u want to, Ur free to ask me.

At that moment I had no clue what to ask?? Coz I don't expect this could be happening to me, who was rejected by hundreds of times, how she should be react to this question??

Mmm..... I don't know what to say??? Mitra told him.

Oh my Mr perfects name is Samrat Roy, son of great industrialist Vikram Roy. One and only son of the whole Roy industries.

Samart - Mitra u don't have any questions about me?? Any doubts?? U can ask me???

Mitra-hmmm... Confused???!!!!!

Mitra - I really like the way you treated me, thanks

Samrat - That's it, u want to say these things only??!


Samrat - Mitra I want to marry you?? Do you have any thoughts about this??

Mitra - What?????!! Am I dreaming, no no, it can't be real???? Is it?? Mitra started talking to herself.

Samrat - Mitra???? Are you listening???

Mitra - What is your opinion about this, will you be my life partner????

Mitra - I want to cry, I want to cry aloud, mom where are you, I need you the most right now.

Mitra - If my parents were agreed then,

Samrat - Mitra, I want to hear it from you. Do you want to marry me or not??

Mitra - Hmmm... I want to.

Samrat - I just want to listen those words, so now we can talk to our parents and elders about our decisions, what do you think???

Mitra - hmm... OK. (giggle)


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